Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Futa Wife and the Waitress, Part Three

‘Do you... um... need to get back to work?’ my wife asks Amanda, still deep inside her cavern. A reasonable question—I was wondering the same thing.

‘Oh, they’ll be fine,’ Amanda says. ‘Remember: we’re away from the Big Smoke; no one will notice I’m gone for a while. Just relax.’ 

To be told to ‘relax’ by someone perched on a meat sword doesn’t happen every day! (I think we’re definitely overdue for this holiday!) ‘Pop me down and I’ll help,’ she tells us.

As Colleen slides out of the freshly juiced mango slices, Amanda lets out a short and breathy ‘Oh fuck.’ I lower her legs to the ground, and as soon as her feet touch the floor she drops out of my grasp, lands on her knees, and spins to face us like a playful puppy. I finally see her naked form from the front; I’m not disappointed. Even kneeling her stomach skin is stretched tight over the lean muscles beneath; and the tattoo I saw earlier winds its way around to the bottom of her slightly protuberant ribcage. Above which, sitting proudly and unashamedly are nature’s own beauties, which at that size (Ds, I’m sure) should be sagging, but remain firmly planted, hugging the front of her chest. Her nips—still hard—are a deep pinkish-brown, accentuated by subtle yet milky tan lines. I want to taste!

‘I really made a mess down here!’ she says, looking down at my saturated singlet and the surrounding puddle. ‘I’ve never squirted before. I didn’t even know it was possible!’

‘How did it feel?’ Colleen asks, knowing the answer.

‘Well,’ she considers, ‘I didn’t really get a chance to feel embarrassed or anything. It was just like... a release. Like a full release. It was amazing!’

‘That’s great, sweetie,’ Colleen beams, proud of her handiwork. ‘And are you sure you don’t have to—’

Amanda holds up a hand. ‘Seriously, I’m fine. Actually, my partner owns the cafĂ©; he can look after the other customers. I’ve got more important things to do.’ She rubs her hands together. She looks hungry.

Colleen and I stand in silent shock at her casual confession.

‘Don’t worry, he’s pretty chillaxed. You guys really need to take a deep breath. Here,’ she says with a wide grin while reaching out to the base of Colleen’s cock with two hands. She grips her condom and rolls it off with a ‘snap’. She does the same to mine, before grasping both of our hard, naked shafts and pulling us forward. She leans in my direction and flutters her tongue over my tip while gazing up at my wife.

I relax. Or rather, being on the Sunny Coast and receiving a spectacular blowjob by a beautiful stranger in front of my naked, erect wife, I become one with the universe, and all things merge into a feeling of bliss (also, I’m just trying not to cum—I really want to fuck her again before I blow!)

Thankfully, before I get too carried away, she releases me and strikes at Colleen with her open mouth. Her lips stretch out over the vast corona, and with a muffled sigh she’s clearly gleeful to have the beast inside again; I think she missed it!

Colleen also becomes one with the universe: her eyes close and her head rolls back. She just stands with her hands on her hips while the blonde does a terrific job.

I drop to my knees—I can’t be left out of this picture, plus Colleen’s rod looks delicious. But first I go lower, and stealthily take one of Amanda’s nipples into my mouth (I have to see what they feel like!). With a surprised slurp she takes her mouth away from Colleen and looks at me with a raised eyebrow. Saliva coats her prominent chin. I thrust forward and lick it off, and give her lips a pass with my tongue. Then, as she continues to wonder what I’m doing down there, I turn and shove Colleen’s thick dick into my mouth, and devour it with abandon. Mmmmm! That wonderful taste of sex and spit—dirty, but unique and somewhat wholesome, or at least nutritional. I even catch a hint of Colleen’s delectable cum; savoury and pungent, but sweet as berries.

‘Whoa!’ the waitress exclaims, sitting back on her haunches. ‘You even suck your wife? You two are the coolest couple! If my boyfriend found out I had a cock he’d run for the hills!’

‘I’m a lucky woman,’ Colleen chirps, leering down at me with pride and lust. I’m a lucky dude, I think as I see her pretty face between those bulbous underboobs, and apply suction onto the neck of her pipe.

‘Hold up,’ Amanda says next to me, ‘what’s this?’ Her hand is under Colleen’s balls. ‘Do you have a vagina as well?’

A date with us is packed with fun surprises!

‘Here, baby, why don’t you hop down and I’ll give her the full tour?’ I say.

She giggles, ‘Sure. But hand me that shirt.’ She’s pointing to the shreds of what used to be a Nirvana singlet. I grab it and drape it on the floor, away from the existing puddle. Colleen lies down; her guy stands up.

Apparently Amanda needs no tour: she immediately lifts the smooth, caramel balls out of the way, rapidly studies the situation beneath, and then dives in mouth first, disappearing between the honey-brown hamstring-hang. ‘Oh god,’ Colleen whimpers. Her dick jolts, inviting me to resume where I left off. I shrug my shoulders and join in: licking, sucking, and stroking peen.

We take turns, the hot blonde and I. She slithers up to taste some dick while I move down to taste some pussy. We switch again, covering the whole area in shining lather. Then we work together: our tongues lash each other and Colleen’s dark lips; then we team up on the tower and swallow as much flesh as we can while the other licks anything that’s still exposed; then we kiss; then we go back down and Amanda fills Colleen with tongue-muscle while I flick over her hood.


She’s writhing and moaning, squeezing her own tits. Suddenly, and without warning, a long, tanned leg swings over the top of my head while I dine on wet muff; Amanda wants thirds.

The greedy waitress climbs up, slinking along my wife’s body until their soft friends are together again, and they pash with loud slurps and pants. I help out (a gentleman’s work is never done) by quickly grabbing one of Colleen’s huge condoms and unrolling it down her length. I then sit back and watch something wonderful unfold: Amanda reaches back with her long arm and directs my wife’s veiny tool. It slides easily into her juicy hole. Those thick lips look incredible wrapped around a wide dick. She slides about half-way down, cries out in joyful agony, then starts fucking my wife furiously.

I almost cry! The tall woman’s back arches and contorts, showing off every muscle and sinew and rib. Her butt is profoundly bubbly, to the point where it nearly claps with each mad thrust, and her petit anus winks at me like it knows something I don’t. Beads of sweat slide down my wife’s thick thighs, and creamy trails of waitress run down her penis. This picture needs to be framed and put up on the wall! But I can do naught but watch and fap!

Are they whispering? Their moaning and dirty talk has stopped, and the humping has slowed to a sensual rolling; their faces are together. One of them giggles. They’re definitely having a conversation.

‘James,’ Colleen calls, ‘could you go to my bag? There’s some lube in there.’

I guess Amanda is a bit raw. I don’t blame her! I hop over, rustle through the handbag of tricks, and eventually find a small white bottle of Bodyglide.

‘Did you find it?’

‘Got it! Where do you want it?’

‘Well,’ Colleen starts. Amanda snickers, looking sideways at me. ‘Amanda’s made a small request: she’s never had two dicks at the same time, and wants to try. Will you be a sweetie and put your cock in her ass?’


‘Huh, okay,’ I say calmly. ‘I could probably help out with that. Have you tried anal before?’

‘Yeah, but not with anyone as big as you. You’d be careful, right?’

‘Of course,’ I say with my charming smile, reaching to the floor for the shiny packets.

‘You can go bareback if you want. I can tell you guys are clean.’

‘You sure?’

She replies by licking her teeth and winking. Can’t argue with that.


The lube pouring between her cheeks causes Amanda to resume her cat-like grinding of the dick below. I bend and gently find her hole with my middle finger, introducing myself politely with a circular massage. ‘Ugh,’ she purrs. I slowly penetrate her with my large digit. She accepts me, even pushes back. I slide deeper, my wide knuckle pushing past her sphincter. Her ring contracts. She rides harder.

More lube (this isn’t my first butt-rodeo!). A second finger. A howl—a good one. ‘Hoh fuuuck!’

I stretch her in all directions.

‘Come on and fuck me!’ she demands. ‘I want you both!’ She’s leaning forward onto Colleen, pulling her firm cheeks apart. Wow! Sometimes you just can’t tell who’ll be a superslut until you get them alone.

‘You better do what she says,’ Colleen adds with a laugh.

I pour the slime over my eager penis, coating it thoroughly. And then I squeeze another copious helping into her stretched hole. It dribbles out and down her lips onto Colleen’s rod. That should be enough! I crouch low and direct my dripping hardness to home base. Carefully, I replace the two fingers with my cockhead, and then push against her. The resistance is massive! Not just from her tightness, but the fact that she’s already full of dick. Mine bends with the pressure. I hold onto it; force it forward. ‘Yes yes yes yes!’ Amanda repeats harshly. ‘Do it, do it, do it!’ I watch myself gradually disappear between the white mounds. My underside rubs up against my wife on the inside. ‘Fuuuuuuuuuck!’

‘How does that feel, babe?’ Colleen asks her, stroking light strands of hair from her contorted face.

‘Oh my fucking god! I feel so full!’

‘Well, just hold on,’ Colleen says. ‘You’ll enjoy this.’

We ream her. But this is no mindless double pumping of a couple of bozos you might see in a European porno; this is the dance of two dicks that share one heart: life partners who share the same rhythm. (Plus, we have practiced this a few times prior.)

Amanda braces herself while Colleen drives up and I slide out; then I pump and Colleen moves out, a move lovingly called “perpetual penetration” by a gorgeous colleague of Colleen’s that we fucked a few months ago after too many mojitos.

We change it up and both drive in and out at the same time, rubbing up against each other inside. Then Colleen doubles her pussy-pounding tempo while I maintain a constant speed at the rear—she hits me with her fast thrusts. Fuck this feels amazing! ‘AaaaaAAAAAGH!’ Amanda agrees.

My wife and I then share a tender moment: Amanda has buried her head in the nape of Colleen’s neck below, so I can see my darling’s face clearly. I increase to double tempo to match her pace while we look into each other’s eyes. She’s so beautiful... her fierce eyes, her button nose, her rose-bud lips: perfection. I silently mouth something to her: ‘I love you.’ She replies with what looks like ‘Fuck you,’ then she pokes her tongue out at me and wrinkles her nose. What a cheeky creature! The gesture turns us both on ferociously though, and we slam into the helpless fuckmeat between us. The sound of slapping skin fills the room; and is then drowned out by mindless blabbering and swearing of the blonde woman as her senses drown in our sex. We’re tipping her well. I even reach down and caress her heavy, swinging breasts to help her along (and to selfishly get my hands between all the chest cushions! It’s just as good as I imagined—so smooth and squishy!)

Sploosh! Sploosh! Sploosh! Whatever liquid was left inside Amanda after the first squirt-sesh now leaves her in torrents—hot liquid splashes on my balls and legs. The ring of muscles wrapped around my dick grip like a vise, preventing any more thrusting; I can just sit there and savour the moment of having another screaming satisfied customer.

‘Ohhhh, fuck you guys!’ the waitress stutters as she fights our dicks off with feeble slaps and throws herself, landing on her side on the wet tiles, laughing and crying and shaking. She’s done.

And Colleen and I are alone. ‘You wanna finish me, honey?’ my sweet darling asks, looking up at me like Nala from The Lion King.

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