Welcome to my smutty little corner of the web!

I am James Oenemal - author and purveyor of erotica in the short-fiction vein. My stories are simple, fast, and usually involve someone getting dicked (or pussied) in one way or another, and range from realism to fantasy to outright hentai craziness (which is a big inspiration for my work).

I like to empower female characters, mostly because I find strong women incredibly sexy and this tends to pervade my writing. Probably for the same reason, a lot of futanari characters make solid, milky appearances.

You'll occasionally see some awesome illustrations (like the one below) to go with my stories, and random reviews of books and other things that catch my eye, because why not? ;)

Let me know what you like and what you hate, and I'll endeavour to string some sentences together to make you happy in the pants-region.

Artwork by the great and wonderful Getsketchy.

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