Monday, 14 November 2016

Elves Are Awesome, Part One

This is part one of a 'choose your own adventure' type story about elves and things. (Voting now closed for this part.)

Story may contain: lesbian stuff, futanari, threesomes, boobs, dicks, fantasy, etc.


Algameth drops her wagon and it lands with a clattering thud on the path.

"It's too fucking hot for this today!"

She glares at the sun to make sure it gets the point, but it continues beating down on her -- unaware it should be taking orders from a human.

Desperate to feel some air, she rips her top up over her head, spilling hefty, soot-stained breasts into the open. Beads of sweat drip from her neck and follow her curves, uncovering trails of brilliant, light-caramel brown skin. It almost seems too bright, too delicate, for this colossal smithy who towers over the men in her village (and could crush their heads with one of her callused mits if they dared mention her size).

Looking around at the surrounding woodland she remembers a few of these trees, and an especially round, black rock, and recalls that a stream lies nearby -- not far from the path. She stumbled upon it last time she was selling weapons in the area.

"Oh well" -- she takes a deep breath and sighs -- "probably time for a break anyway. They can wait for their damned swords!"

She tosses her top onto the pile of weapons, then squats between the struts of the wagon and lifts it. Her thighs bulge and ripple as she heaves it off the track and behind a wide tree. She then dusts her hands and strides through the woods.

It's there, just as Algameth remembered it: a crystal-blue rock pool. It's being filled by the daintiest of streams, but the water is deep. The rays of sun fortunate enough to make it through the canopy above are diving in straight, glistening lines through the liquid.

Alga had already kicked off her boots the moment she heard water, and now she discards her ragged trousers. She drags her sticky nickers over her hips and legs, and leaves them on the grass.

She launches. The SPLASH from her cannonball into the pool scatters any creatures within earshot; and after swimming down to the bottom to touch the sand, and then floating motionless while taking a deep draught, she erupts: refreshed, rejuvenated, horny.

Is it the feeling of cool water flowing over and between every surface of her sore body? Or maybe it's the image of the girl at the last village who was buying a shield for her father? Her ripe boobs were spilling so beautifully out of her tight dress.

"Get your head out of the gutter, Alga." She reprimands herself with a swift slap to the side of the head. She knows she's not supposed to be attracted to other females. But there's just something about their pretty faces and long hair, and all that smoothness, and their sweet, sweet smell...

Her body tingles. She sits back on a flat stone in the pool and her thighs part way for her large hands. Two fingers run their way over her mound, and she imagines the girl at the village. She imagines her curly, golden hair draped over those perfect melons; red nipples peek through the curtain, begging to be found. She imagines pressing her body down onto hers, maybe even kissing her.

"Mmmm, fuck it!" she groans, not caring about what anyone thinks. It's her damn body, she thinks; it's not like any man can take care of her needs anyway. None can fill her sacred cavern.

A thick finger parts her lips and slides inside, and Alga imagines the girl from the village is penetrating her with... something (she can't think of what a girl could use, but she's picturing something as large as her own digit; maybe even bigger). It grinds inside.

She leans back and squeezes her own breast. The blonde girl is above her, driving her hips into Alga. Her finger slides in and out. Her eyes close; she sees the big blue eyes staring down at her, devouring her.

A piercing scream shatters Alga's concentration. She jumps up and looks around, behind her. No, it wasn't that close; it was distant.

"What the fuck was that?"

It wasn't human, that's for sure. It sounded like something big, and it sounded like that 'something big' was celebrating.


a) Sit back down and finish your business. This pussy needs some relief. Then continue on your merry way to the next town.

b) Run to investigate. There's no time for clothes! - WINNER

c) Go back and get some clothes and a weapon, then go and see what the hell that thing was.

d) Popular option from suggestions in comments.


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