Friday, 21 October 2016

Your Choice!

I haven't done one of these for a while, but here it goes: my next story will be interactive!

But... this one will be a little different. Previously these stories have had just one person choosing what will happen to our sexy character; but for this one I'm going to put it to a vote. We're going to crowdsource the story until it comes to its (possibly gooey) end.

To start with, I'll put up a few options for story starters, and you can either vote on my Facebook page where I'll have a poll, or just leave a comment here with your choice and I'll add it to the tally - and whichever story has the most votes will be the one I'll begin writing.

Then, as the story progresses there will be more choices, and again the different options will be voted upon; and together we will make the music of the universe (or maybe get two or more people to make-a-the-love).

And so it begins.... (oh, and feel free to suggest different options to my proposed choices, and if the crowd likes it we'll go for it!)

And so it really begins.... (oh, and be warned: I have no idea what will end up coming out during these stories - but I do avoid certain gross things like scat, underage stuff, murder/gore, non-consent, and bestiality. But you can probably (definitely!) expect women with penises and that sort of thing.)



You are a female process analyst sent to investigate some unusual activity at one of your company's branches. You end up spending quite a long time with one of the accountants - a fit and feisty Asian woman who seems to be a little too friendly. Is she hiding something bigger than just cash fraud?


You are a college student and a future football star. When your coach insists that your grade in chemistry needs to go up or you'll be off the team, you begrudgingly start going to classes. But when you see the hot tutor you suddenly don't feel so bad. How will she help you focus on something so boring?


A large barbarian woman saves two elves from being eaten by a carnivorous plant. They are extremely appreciative; and may or may not be able to grant magical wishes...


Get voting HERE, or in the comments below!

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  1. I think you should do a futa on female furry love/romance