Monday, 6 June 2016

Double Dick Day

Beautiful illustration by Dmitrys

And I held them both - one in each hand - and started pumping them up and down at the same time. Her eyes closed. Her lips parted, and a sigh, sweeter than honey, floated through the warm air between us.

I put my lips around one cock head, then the other. I felt the hot, fat flesh fill my mouth; and the veins pulsed through my palms with each pump of her strong, warrior heart.

'You are too kind,' she said, 'I do not seek reward of any kind. I am sworn to protect all.'

I sucked harder, pressing as much of her inhuman length and girth into my mouth as possible.

I did owe her, big-time. The muggers were not just going to take my money: they had murder in their eyes, and experience in their words. Without this princess - this goddess - I'd be in a bag and on the news.

'I'm yours now,' I said. 'My life and my body are yours.' The dicks hardened in my hands. The princess' eyes widened and glowed with a green light.

'Then show me,' she purred; 'enter me, and we shall be one, and I'll protect you for all time.' With that, she reached down and lifted her large testicles, and I saw for the first time her thick, pink lips, glistening and yearning.

Without a word I released my hardened cock from its confines in my underwear. I knelt between her large thighs as a man at an alter, and I gave her an offering of flesh, which she devoured with a satisfied moan.

I took both of her rods back into my hands, and I used them as a support as I thanked her the best way I knew how - slow and deep and measured, searching out and caressing each one of her nerves. And I worked harder than I've ever worked, until sweat covered my body, and my face turned red, and all of my orgasm-refusing thoughts had been used up; until finally, when I thought I could go no longer, the princess howled and spilled her precious seed across the room, coating us both. Her pulsing cunt extracted my own load, relentlessly, until I thought I might pass out.

I slid out, and as her towers wilted towards her stomach, I nestled against her massive bosom, savouring the sweet stench of her cum; and I settled right into my new home.


  1. Mmm, if only - not sure which is hotter, the double dicks or that swollen condom dangling off the end. :)

    1. I know right! This is one of my all-time favourite illustrations - just altogether perfect :D