Thursday, 14 April 2016

New Picture by Vitalis (with bonus excerpt)

Here is an awesome illustration by the talented Vitalis (thank you for all the hard work) to go with my book, My Futanari Stepsister. Check below for a bonus excerpt of the story.

Alice takes on Ella's beast. Artwork by Vitalis.

‘Ah, fuck!’ The dick behind is causing quite a lot of pain now.

‘Hold on little bro, we’re almost there!’ Chloe is holding his hips firmly. Her engorged head is trying desperately to find a way inside. It finally breaks the seal. The immense mushroom pops through and Daniel feels like he’s being torn in half.

‘Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!’ he cries out. She holds it there; lets him get used to the sensation of being stretched open. Kylie helps to ease his pain by fucking him harder from the front. It helps. The sensitivity of his knob inside the woman in front transfers through his body, and the beast in his ass almost feels okay. Maybe even feels good.

The long snake decides to slide in even further. It hurts a little less than the initial entrance. In fact, as it moves in it rubs against something deep inside that feels intensely good. She buries her entire length inside her brother.

Holding his arms and speaking into his ear, she tells him, ‘Now you are a man.’

‘Well done,’ Kylie says between breaths. ‘Guys can’t usually take your sister on the first go. How does it feel?’

‘Ah... um... I dunno. I guess it feels good.’

‘Don’t worry,’ his sister tells him. ‘I’ll be gentle. It just gets better from here.’

Something about his sister being nice to him starts to help him relax. Maybe this will bring us closer together? he thinks as she slowly slides her cock back out, and then rams it deep inside.


Daniel checks back over on the bed and sees the other girls have become even friendlier. His “love interest” is lying on her back; her legs spread wide, her cock standing straight. Alice has apparently taken the challenge to conquer the biggest dick in the room (and possibly the world?) She’s standing above Ella, facing away from her and squatting down to meet the slightly-leaning tower. She grips onto it with both hands and moves down. Daniel watches the head of the supercock disappear behind Alice’s balls. She cries out as she bends her legs and descends further. She takes as much as she can, and then stops, still with a huge amount of pole exposed. ‘Holy crap, that’s a dick!’ she proclaims. ‘What do you feed that thing?’

Ella laughs sweetly, then reaches up and slaps the blonde on the ass. ‘Shut up and ride me, slut.’ Alice chuckles as well, and then straightens her legs, her pussy lips dragging down against the hard, honey-brown shaft, leaving a glistening sheen. She lets go of her support-pole and starts to ride, slowly, rubbing her firm melons. Her own large wang bounces in front.


Chloe has progressed to slowly thrusting into her brother, going balls-deep with each stroke. It now feels good for him... better than good—especially whatever it’s rubbing against deep inside. He didn’t even know males had something in their ass that felt nice to touch!

He doesn’t do any of his own driving; it’s enough to have the two ladies do all the work. He just holds on to the sultry skin of the girl in front while she milks him (she’s doing some sort of incredible squeezing thing every time she pulls away—it’s heavenly). His balls are occasionally sandwiched between the two sets of large testicles on either side, and that feels surprisingly awesome.

Looking back over at the bed to make sure he doesn't miss anything, Sarah has climbed up onto her knees and positioned herself between Ella’s legs, in front of Alice. She’s stroking and sucking the bouncing blonde’s cock; holding it in place while the rest of the lithe body rises and falls.

One of Sarah’s hands moves down to her own meat and holds it down towards the bed. She shuffles forwards on her knees and spreads her own legs to get low. She releases Alice’s dong (which bounces up to smack her on the stomach) so she can direct her attention to Ella’s hidden pussy. She lifts the heavy, rocking balls out of the way, and slips her sword straight into the dripping crevice. Ella throws her head back and howls while she is filled with thick flesh.

This is too much! Daniel thinks. This is way too much! I don’t... I won’t be able to... His mind drifts away to thoughts of not being able to look at anything normal again. Extreme pleasure brings him back to the present. His balls are aching. The long, thick cock in his ass feels like it’s rubbing against some inner part of the base of his own dick. That combined with the beauty in front relentlessly sucking his entire length with her tight ring is making his head swim. He’s not going to take much more.

He looks again at the girls on the bed. Legs and boobs and hair and dicks and skin all over the place. Thrusting, pumping, moaning, swearing. Muscles in legs and stomachs and arms contracting, flexing. Smooth, thick thighs glistening with sweat. Sarah even has Ella’s cute toes in her mouth—her tongue diving between each gap while the foot arches and curves.

Alice takes a break from riding so Ella can do some pumping of her own—fast, deep thrusts from below. Alice just puts her hands on her knees and takes the ride on the cock express, her tongue hanging out while she pants like a dog. Creamy liquid streams down the piston, follows the veins and grooves.

Sarah fucks hard as well, matching the rhythm of the thrusting pelvis in front of her. Large balls hang over each side of her rod and roll back and forth.

He looks at Ella’s face and finds she is looking over at him. She holds his gaze and fucks him with her eyes. She blows a kiss in his direction and licks her sumptuous lips.

That’s it. He can’t hold on any more. An imminent explosion builds. It reaches the point of no return. His stepsister’s giant dick takes a plunge deep inside and he melts all over it. He grips onto Kylie and thrusts like a mad rabbit; his balls begin to release their package inside her. She moans extra loud for him and presses back, hard, into his thumping. He’s sandwiched between the two bodies, having an orgasm more intense than he’s ever felt before in his life. He holds onto the tears—that would not be good.

You can find the whole story at Amazon or Smashwords for only $2.99.


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    1. Haha, me too! I was so excited to see my characters in the flesh. And Vitalis' style is incredible.