Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Roommates - A Fun Futa Fantasy

I don't normally review other people's work, but I've been reading a lot more recently, especially on Amazon, and I came across this little beauty yesterday that ticked off about three or four of my own fantasies.

Roommates by Soie Minou is a sexy, standalone story about Evy - a polite, well-meaning college student, who has just moved in with Julienne - a beautiful woman with a big secret; and is going through the normal finding and testing of boundaries that come with living with a complete stranger.

After a bathroom incident (why doesn't anyone ever lock the door?), Evy is left embarrassed yet extremely curious about her raven-haired roommate. When they sit down to talk about it she soon finds that a little bit of understanding goes a long way, and her relationship with Julienne takes several steps forward. 

Sexy as hell! That's all I can say. This may be TMI, but there was a party in my pants for the whole second half of the book.

Soie paints her characters to be extremely realistic in a short amount of time: Evy - trying her best to make at least some sort of connection with the person she'll be seeing every day; and Julienne - harsh and standoffish because of a history of people rejecting her for her differences. Some great tension is created, so when the fun starts it makes for a very relieving release.

Compared to quite a lot of erotica I've seen on Amazon, which tries too hard to be complex and becomes completely unreadable, Soie's writing style is clever, well-paced, and refreshingly easy to read. She also uses subtlety and artistry during the passionate scenes that I could really use a lot more in my own work; it's titillating without being cheesy or overly graphic.

My only comment for improvement would be that the dialogue is slightly expositional in the beginning; but that might just be my personal preference for saying as few words as I possibly can when talking to someone!

Overall, Roommates is a very satisfying read that can be consumed in one sitting. I'll definitely be reading parts two and three; not because there are questions left unanswered, but because I really want to see these two ladies have more adventures together.


"She started by just kissing the apex of my folds, applying a direct pressure to the sensitive little nub, making my whole body shudder. Her hands slid up underneath my thighs, and I could feel her using delicate pressure to part the lips. Leaning in, her hot, wet tongue slid from my little opening up to swirl around the nub. It felt like she was touching the core of my being, sending little jolts through my body with each swipe of her tongue. 

When I thought it couldn't get any better, I felt her position shift, and suddenly her mouth closed around the crux of my pleasure. And she drew upon it, suckling it into her mouth, allowing her tongue to rapidly lap at the tender flesh she had collected between her lips."

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