Sunday, 27 September 2015

Mey Mey at the Beach

Art by the super-duper Dmitrys (Website; Hentai Foundry profile). 
Image used with permission by Amaterasu.

Utterly inspired by this amazing illustration of  Mey Mey (or Meyumi), an OC of Amaterasu, I wanted to write a flash-length story, but it got out of hand and just became a regular short story. I probably used too many adjectives for the Brazilian ladies... but how can you not? 

Contains: Hardcore fucking, futa on female, threesome, oral, and cum.


Mey Mey feels fucking fierce. In the morning she blitzed the gym by setting new personal records for squats and deadlifts in the same session. Now she’s walking down a path next to the local beach in the bright summer sun, knowing full well that her body is blazing just as much as her fiery hair; especially in her new, shiny blue bikini.

She notices the stares and pointing of tourists. She sees people crossing the road to get out of her way. She cares little. This is her town. This is her beach. If people are afraid of her perfect body and unashamed salami as it bounces out of her tiny, overwhelmed g-string, that really is their problem.

Two cops tip their hats as she passes, and compliment her on the new attire. They wouldn’t dare pull her up on a technicality of showing too much public peen – they’d risk missing out on her regular, energetic servicing of the department.

‘Hi, Mey Mey,’ one of them says nervously. ‘Nice day.’

‘Gentlemen,’ she purrs, lowering her glasses and winking. Their faces turn scarlet-red.

‘God, I love the summer,’ Mey Mey says to herself and anyone within earshot. She does a spin as she walks, her arms raised to the cloudless sky. As she comes out of her pirouette she notices something down at the beach which is even more beautiful than the azure sky and the still, sparkling ocean: Brazilians! Two of them. Or at least, they might be Brazilians. They have that bronzed, full-woman look of South American princesses (and one of them is wearing a bikini made out of the green-and-yellow Brazilian flag). Her body on autopilot, Mey Mey immediately flicks off her heels and jumps out onto the sand, then walks with long steps towards the beauties.

And beauties they are! As Mey approaches she watches the two ladies. They’re playing volleyball over one of the permanent nets set up a little away from the shore. They seem quite good – able to dive and set and spike; but Mey Mey is much more impressed with their form than their talent; namely the form of their thick, juicy thighs as they run for the ball; and their round, heart-shaped asses as they squat for a serve; and their taut, brown stomachs, covered in sand and sweat. They look like they’re in their early twenties. ‘Delicious,’ Mey Mey thinks, licking her red lips. She decides she’s in the mood for a little competition.

The girls haven’t noticed Mey Mey as she stands off to the side, strategising how to capture and devour her prey. Finally a spike goes awry and the fluoro-green ball rolls across the sand. The woman in the Brazilian bikini chases it, but just as she bends to pick it up, two manicured hands grasp the ball. The woman’s eyes follow it as it’s lifted, seeing the legs behind it: white, long, powerful. She takes some stumbling steps backwards when her gaze meets the monster dick being held back by string. She calls something out in Portuguese (further confirming Mey’s suspicion of their origin) to her friend, who is standing with her arms dangling and mouth agape; seemingly also shocked at the sight of the statuesque, red-and-white Amazon with the horse-dick.

‘Mind if I play?’ Mey Mey asks, never a fan of beating around the bush. The first girl, still staring down with wide, unblinking eyes, mumbles something to herself. ‘Hello?’ Mey repeats, waving her hand in front of her bulging crotch.

The girl eventually snaps to, and in an adorably strong accent says: ‘Ah, yes, what?’

‘Can... I... play...?’ she asks, drawing out the words to make her English clear.

‘You want to play with us? In that?’ She points at the struggling bikini. ‘Won’t your... thing... fall out?’

‘So what if it does?’ Mey asks with a wry smile. The second woman has walked over to join the conversation. Mey Mey can’t help but take in their beauty as they stand in front of her. One – the flag-bikini girl – seems to be some gorgeous mix of black and Asian. She has a rounded face, raven, wavy hair, milk-chocolate skin, and distinctively oriental eyes. Girl number two is wearing white shorts that look painted on, and a miniscule black bikini top. She looks like the classic Spanish hottie with exotic, hazel eyes, caramel skin, and straight, dark hair with light tips. Mey’s astounded that they can have such slim waists when their legs, asses, and breasts are so fleshy they could feed several starving children.

‘What’s going on?’ White-Shorts asks, also in a strong accent. Her friend answers in their own language, the speed and intonation makes her sound almost angry. ‘You want to play, huh? Are you good?’

‘I played a little in college,’ Mey says, tossing the ball up and catching it with one hand.

‘OK,’ White-Shorts says. ‘Who you wanna play? Me or her?’ The attitude with which the woman speaks, and the way she stands with her hands on her hips is turning Mey Mey on like crazy. This fiery little mamasita will be hot as hell wrapped around her meat.

‘Both of you,’ Mey answers. ‘At the same time. And we’ll have a wager.’

‘What is this “way-jer”?’ Flag-Bikini asks; a confused look on her pretty face.

‘A wager! You know: a bet,’ Mey says. ‘If you win, I’ll buy you both lunch, and drinks for the whole afternoon.’

‘Oh yeah?’ White-Shorts says. ‘Not bad, not bad. I hope you got enough mula. And what if you win?’

‘If I win,’ Mey smiles, ‘I get to fuck both of you.’

‘You get to what?’ Flag-Bikini blurts, ‘Who the fuck you think you are? Walkin’ around like you think you’re all that, with your big dick and balls floppin’ about!’ she says, her angry eyes getting stuck with wonder as she looks down again, entertaining Mey with the shock and confusion she normally encounters on a first meeting.

Mey tosses and catches the ball again. ‘Hey, it’s two-against-one; how could I possibly win? Think of it as a free meal.’

White-Shorts pulls Flag-Bikini to the side. A seemingly fierce debate in that gorgeous language erupts, with lots of pointing and looks back over at Mey Mey. She can see White-Shorts’ small smile as she glances over; and her eyes look more than just a little hungry.

‘OK,’ they say eventually. ‘We play. But only because we know we gonna win.’

‘I’m Isadora,’ White-Shorts says, stepping forward to shake the hand of Mey, who at five-foot-eight still towers above them, ‘and my friend here is Luana.’ Flag-Bikini waves, her eyes are narrow with suspicion.

‘I’m Mey Mey. You guys can start.’ She throws the ball to Luana. ‘First to twenty-one?’

‘Sure,’ Isadora says. ‘And you can touch twice.’

‘I’ll be touching more than twice,’ Mey thinks as she takes her place on the other side of the net, bending and pressing her heaving breasts together with her arms, ready to receive the first serve.


‘Eighteen-to-seven,’ Mey calls out, sweat dripping from the end of her nose. The Brazilians are worried. They’ve seen incredible feats of power and speed from the other side of the net, and they’re getting close to the unimaginable: losing. Mey Mey has bounded tirelessly over the soft surface to recover shots that no mortal should have reached; setting for herself and then leaping high above the net, cock swinging out of its cradle; spiking so hard that she’s left craters in the sand.

The tourists take a time-out to strategise. Mey Mey hears high, concerned voices. They low-five and part, reenergised, both with mischievous faces. Mey prepares to serve, looking at her targets, then all of a sudden the Brazilian flag is pulled down and stunning brown globes are revealed to the world. Luana smiles brightly as she holds her top down and bends forward. She grasps her breasts with both hands and squeezes. The plan works: Mey’s serve flies over the heads of the women and lands out-of-bounds.

Luana puts her boobs away and grabs the ball, prepares to serve from their side. This time Isadora lets loose her puppies from their confines. Her red nipples are accentuated by the whites of her tan lines and Mey is hypnotised. Her cock swells and the blue bikini stretches to snapping-point. The shot lands lazily by her side. For the next serve, Isadora jumps up and down, now completely topless, and those gorgeous hills roll up-and-down and side-to-side. Mey’s string cuts into her hips with the tension, and she doesn’t notice the ball until – WUP! – it hits her left boob and falls to the ground.

She doesn’t enjoy being beaten. ‘You guys want a competition, huh?’ she says below her breath; then reaches down and rips off the blue G, tosses it behind. Her veiny beast flings out straight, glaring at her foes with its large, red muzzle. Her bush blazes and bristles.

Mey Mey’s muscles snap like a pouncing tiger’s on the next serve. Fully erect, her senses are heightened. The two girls continue with their distraction methods: tweaking nipples while winking, licking their own breasts, pulling bikinis to the side to reveal smooth lips. None of it works. It just makes their rival hornier and more eager to win.

Twenty-to-twelve. One more point. Mey serves, and Isadora pops the ball up for Luana, now also topless, who jumps high, her jugs jiggling in slow-motion, and slams it hard with an open hand. Mey leaps like lightning into its path, plants both her feet, and thrusts. Her hard dick swings upwards and bats the ball to a perfect height above the net. She flies after it and slaps it easily into a space between her dumbstruck victims.


After much writhing and swearing and blaming in Portuguese, Isadora walks over to Mey with Luana trailing behind. ‘OK, we honour the bet,’ she says, wiping sweat from her brow and struggling to hide her smile. ‘Where you wanna go?’ Luana still seems apprehensive, but subconsciously licks her thick lips, and keeps finding herself looking down at the pale trunk.

‘Right here,’ Mey says.

‘Wha-... Whatchu mean, “right here”?’ Luana asks, arms folded across her bare breasts.

‘I mean: come over here and get down on your pretty little knees,’ Mey Mey points to the sand at her feet. The two women look at each other, and cheeky smiles form. Isadora grabs Luana’s hand and drags her over. She then drops to her knees, and Luana watches as her friend grabs the pole and wraps her lips over its head.

‘Well?’ Mey Mey asks Luana, her hands on her hips, looking over her spectacles at the dark, exotic hottie while the end of her dick disappears into the mouth of another.

‘OK! Fuck it!’ Luana concedes and joins her friend on the ground. They take turns sucking the huge penis and licking the egg-sized balls hanging below. Mey looks out at the ocean and thinks, ‘God I love the summer!’ She looks down at Luana’s fat lips stretched wide while Isadora licks trails of saliva from the undercarriage of her meat. She savours the sight of the curved backs leading down to two apple-asses, poking out to greet the various stares of beach-bystanders. ‘These two know what they are doing,’ she thinks as her cock slides into Luana’s throat.

Mey Mey wants to fuck, fiercely. She pulls Luana up to her feet then rips her green bikini down over her sumptuous legs. She then shoves Isadora’s face into her friend’s crotch. Isadora takes the hint and laps at Luana’s pussy, which has betrayed its owner and has already been wet for some time. Taking a position behind the naked beauty, Mey Mey gets low, and slides her beast between Luana’s legs, which fits perfectly in her pronounced box-gap. It greets the hungry mouth on the other side, where Isadora takes turns licking pussy and sucking the intrusive woman-dick. Mey thrusts back-and-forth along both sets of lips, enjoying the soft velvet.

With a swift and effortless motion, she scoops the moaning Luana off the ground, holding her by the back of her legs, with her back leaning against Mey’s hard stomach and cushy tits, and tells Isadora to, ‘Put me in’. She obeys with glee, guiding the bulging cock to Luana’s entrance while spreading her lips wide. The long dick slides in; Luana screams loud, wrapping her arms backwards around Mey’s head for support as she’s filled. Isadora continues to lick – bouncing balls, thrusting shaft, and drooling pussy. Mey’s back and arms flex as she lifts and drops Luana. The tightness of the little Asian pussy makes Mey’s eyes roll back into her head more than once. It’s not long before the Latina is crying out in agonising ecstacy; juice flowing down Mey’s rod, glistening in the bright sun. The dick is ejected by a waterfall, covering Isadora’s delighted face.

Mey Mey gently places Luana on the sand on all fours, then picks Isadora up by the waist like a child and lays her on top of her friend, so they’re back-to-back, and Isadora’s tight, curvaceous legs are in the air. The tiny white shorts struggle over the ample hips as Mey pulls them off, but underneath there are no panties or bikini bottoms – just a bald, brown mound with the slimmest of tan lines to match those on her breasts.

‘You sexy little bitch,’ Mey says as she leans down to taste Isadora, delving into the tightness with her long tongue, relishing the bitter-sweet and copious broth. Removing her face, she then squats low, her knees on either side of Luana’s round ass, and directs her dick into the girl on top, spreading the lips with her wide dick, not stopping till she feels a wall and hears Isadora squeal something in her native tongue. Her pretty face looks up at Mey Mey in wide wonder. She then slides all the way out, leaving a gaping pink hole, before ramming into the crevice of the girl on all fours, easily spiking the pre-warmed pussy below.

She pleases them both with several thrusts each, swapping holes over and over again, building them up, reaching around and squeezing and slapping round asses and jelly-boobs with her hungry hands.

She stays inside Isadora for enough pumps to finally send her wailing over the edge, her feet curved at impossible angles in the air. Liquid streams down between her friend’s cheeks and down her inner thighs. Mey pulls out of the gushing cavern, searches out the other aching pussy and gives Luana another sweet release with fast, relentless pounding. The gathered crowd can just stand and watch and take video of the pale woman with the star tattoos, flexing every thick muscle and tendon while she fucks the two blubbering, buxom Brazilians.

Mey Mey has had enough. She positions the two dazed women on their knees in front of her. She then strokes her shining shaft with both hands and declares victory by covering their boobs and stomachs and faces with her white champagne.

‘For being gracious losers,’ Mey declares as the two ladies recover from their icing, and laugh at the events that have just unfolded, ‘I’m going to take you for lunch anyway. I know a good place.’ They both heartily agree, ravenous after all the exercise. Mey Mey throws Luana the green ball, wondering what challenge she could give them next. Maybe a hot-dog eating contest...

The End

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  1. Oh my goddess . . . that's a day at the beach I'd never forget. :)

    1. Haha! That's a day you could look back on with great fondness, and say, 'Yup, I definitely lived.'

  2. Stupendous! Great story and art work. Thanks!

    1. Thanks heaps for the comment! I'm glad you liked it. And I agree that the artwork is amazing - I couldn't not write something about it after seeing that picture :P Haha!

      Is there anything you'd like to see more or less of after reading this?