Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sex Island, Part Two

After checking in to my room (which is rather large and luxurious and has a huge collection of any sort of porn you could ever imagine on the DVD shelf) I decide I am fucking horny! It's time to have some fun! 

I walk out of my room and there in the hallway is a very sexy blonde vacuuming the carpet. She is, of course, completely naked; and has one of the most perfect, round arses I have seen. She has lighter skin than the two hosts who met us at the airport, as she obviously spends most of her time inside cleaning and whatnot, but it's still a delicious, light-honey colour. She's bending slightly while she works, inviting me over with that wonderful, round hang.

I walk up behind her and decide to surprise her by just grabbing her tits. She jumps and squeals at first, but then relaxes and continues working. She looks around slightly just to see who it is. Stunning eyes! Large and exotic with a slight angle down where the eyes meet the bridge of the nose.

'Hello, Sir. How are you today?' she says, sweet as a siren; professional. I hold her close with her fleshy globes (C-cups, I think); my erect dick pressing up between her legs.

'I'm fantastic. Thank you for asking. And how are you on this wonderful day?' I squeeze her breasts, hard, and press my crotch further into her cushions.

She gasps a little, but then casually says, 'I'm much better now. Today was getting a little boring. I thought no one would come and say hello.' My hand reaches around to say "hi" to her pussy. I feel the lips and she is already wet. Wow! These guys are really into their jobs - they're not just acting; they're genuinely horny and actually want all of this, or at least have trained their bodies to believe it!

I put my fingers straight into her - the middle and ring. I massage slowly and deeply. I get down onto my knees in front of her for ease of pleasing. I slide in and out, pressing against her G-spot. She has her hands on my shoulders. She's moaning and her eyes are closed. I wonder if this one is a squirter. I test it out: I stop sliding in and out and just start drumming my fingers on the front of her pussy, hard and very fast. She cries out. Her eyes are closed, her head's back. She looks down at me like she just found something surprisingly precious. Her juices start to trickle down my arm. I speed up. The stream turns into a river: hot fluid flows out off my elbow and onto her legs and the carpet. Her body is shaking and she's gripping onto me. 'Stop! Stop! Stop!' she shrieks. That's enough - that's normally about as much as most girls can handle.

1. Take her from behind.
2. I want dick. Go search on the beach.
3. Other suggestions :)

I want dick. I leave her there to continue cleaning and go towards the beach in search of man-flesh. The island is wondrous: palm trees; warm but not too hot; white sand, blue water. There are various people walking around - some fit, some not; some young, some old; a lot of guys - a veritable buffet of different types of bodies and different types of shlongs! There are male and female couples; there are groups of male friends; there is one group of middle-aged ladies squawking and waving at a rather attractive barman from their beach chairs as he brings their drinks; sagging (or thoroughly man-made) breasts waving also. Everyone I walk past seems friendly - open, talkative, smiling. It must be the feeling of not hiding anything - we're all hanging out, showing what we have - and we all know why we're here. It's great! I think normal society should be like this. There might be less wars! Haha!

I can see a little way down the beach, up on a grassy parkland type area there is a crowd of people sitting on chairs and standing around. They're facing a stage. On top of the stage is a big, black banner: 'Sex Stage.' Interesting. I hear on a loud speaker: 'Whoa-hoa! You don't see that every day, do you, folks? Well done, ma’am. And don't let the monkeys see you do that with a banana - they'll be very fucking jealous indeed!' Laughter and cheers.

I look around. There are copious amounts of people who I assume work here - buff bodies, no hair, perfect tans. Some are keeping the guests cool with large fans, some are serving drinks, some are standing at attention while guests are sucking their dicks, some are fucking each other doggy style while guests look on or join in. I have a major hard on but have trouble deciding where to even start. How many of these guys could I get to come over and service me? Which ones should I get? There are quite a few unoccupied workers...

1. Gather a group of big dicks and go wild.
2. Walk over to the stage to see what's going on there.
3. Grab a cocktail and just watch the cocks and tails walk by.
4. Get a barman and barmaid to fuck each other.
5. Other suggestions? ;)

'You there!' I point to a tall, blonde man with the best abs I've seen here yet. Each of the rectangle lumps should have their own name they are so well separated! 'Come over here.' He puts down the broom he was using on a nearby path and walks to me. 'Can you go and collect four other sexy men with nothing smaller than seven inches and come back to me here?' I ask/tell him with my newly found God-like power.

'Yes, Sir.' He excitedly jogs off, his firm, square arse bounding after him.

I sit down on a beach chair and wait, stroking myself while I watch a tourist get sandwiched between an exotic looking man and woman, and hear the distant talking on the loud speaker being interrupted by music and loud moans. It's not long before: 'Here we are, Sir. At your request.' I turn my head and see Abs standing there, smiling. He has four other men standing on either side of him in a line - they kind of remind me of the Power Rangers from the way they are standing there - arms crossed or hands on hips - except they are all naked and pretty much perfectly chiselled, and all are very much hung.

I stand up and walk towards Abs, not hiding my huge erection. I put my hand on his stomach (I had to see what it felt like to run my fingers between those packs!). I tell him and the others: 'Do whatever you want to me. I want to you to use me, and don't listen to me if I say "stop" or "no". And don't stop until you're all absolutely satisfied. Got it?'

Abs smiles and his eyes widen. 'Yes, Sir.'

The men surround me. I feel hard hands push me down to my knees. I see cocks, growing, standing up. They're long, thick. One rests on my neck and shoulder from behind - I feel its firm weight. I grab onto two in front of me - a black one and a white one; my hands only just manage to wrap around either one. My heart pounds. One of the men grabs me by the face, pulls my chin down so my mouth is open and ready. A dick pushes its way in, shoves deep. I hold it with my lips while it finds the back of my throat. My tongue feels the entire, hard length. My hands slide back and forth over two other pieces of meat.

I feel fingers searching their way around my body. They move towards my nether regions. Hands slap my arse. One grabs my dick and begins to pump it. I'm doing my best not to gag on this giant snake in my mouth that's trying its hardest to find whatever it's trying find in my throat. A finger rubs at the entrance of my arse. I am in absolute heaven! I'm worried that I'm just going to cum here and now! Oh well, I've got plenty of time to rest and keep going; but I don't want this to end!

I awaken a little from my dream where I'm in a forest of dick-trees. 'They want a volunteer?' one of the men asks another.

'Yeah, for the show.'

'Alright, he wants to be used. Let's go.'

I'm floating. I'm being carried high by the men. 'Hey, where are you taking me?!' I ask, a little angry that my fun is being disturbed.

1. Protest and tell them to put you down and get back to work.
2. Go with it.
3. Kick and scream and bite until they put you down.
4. Other suggestions?

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