Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sex Island, Part Three

'Hey, put me down. Get back to work!' I demand. 'What the fuck are you doing?' I struggle, but the men say nothing, and their muscles are definitely not painted on so there is no point fighting against them. They are carrying me towards the stage on the large lawn.

'We've got a volunteer here!' one of the men shouts.

'Whoa!' the man on the stage exclaims into the microphone. 'Is this a volunteer, or a voluntold? Looks like we're going to have a little fun here!' The crowd turns around and claps and cheers as I'm carried through the centre, up the stairs. 

They put me down and I'm standing, facing everyone - must be a hundred people! Men and women, all naked so I don't feel too bad being up there with no clothes I suppose. The man on the stage has a Hawaiian shirt on but with no pants, and has a long, pierced dong which dangles and shakes as he entertains the audience with his wild, Vegas-style commentary. 'So, Mr... ' he holds the mic out for me to finish the sentence.

'Mark.' I say, a little meekly and very apprehensively.

'Mark! Mr Mark! Do we have a surprise for you?!' I don't think he is asking a question. 'You have won our ultra-super-special, Sex Island lucky draw!' He holds his hands up and everyone cheers and claps and whistles. His tone quietens: 'All you need to do is close your eyes.'

1. Close your eyes.
2. Run.
3. Say that you'd rather not get the ultra-super-special prize.
4. Other suggestions?

The last thing I see before I close my eyes, which makes me think I've probably made the wrong decision, is the MC with a rather large, cheeky, slightly evil smile.

WHAM! I'm grabbed! Heaps of hands! All over me! I can't move! There must be ten people on top of me, moving me, taking me somewhere. Fingers are digging, scratching. Something is over my head - I can't see. I hear the crowd shouting, crying out in joy; clapping, whistling. I feel my legs separate. I'm trying to kick but I might as well be in a tub of molasses. I don't know which way is up. My legs are being bent towards my body. I'm being tied up. It's rough! Shit! I've done a bit of bondage before, but not in front of this many people, and not without agreeing on everything beforehand. I have no idea what will happen. I'm scared! Yet, maybe a little excited - I still have a raging hard on!

It's all done. I think I'm in some sort of doggy style position. My legs are wide apart. My hands are tied below my chest. My body is strapped to something. All I can move is my head and my shoulders. Oh man oh man oh man! What the hell do I do? Call for help? I doubt that would help - look where we are! Just go with it? I guess that's all I can do - my dick still seems happy with me being strung up in front of a crowd as it bounces with each beat of my heart for all to see.

The sack is ripped off my head (with rather a large amount of hair by the feel of it!) I'm facing the back of the stage, therefore my open arse is looking at the crowd of revellers. I turn my head to the side and see the MC. 'Wow! What a glorious package we have going on here!' he yells out while he jumps over and slides onto the floor beneath me. 'He's definitely happy about being here today. Look at this monster!' I feel him bat at my dick like a playful cat, making it bounce back and forth. Everyone applauds. He hops up and appears again at my side, standing and walking around like a prize fighter.

'What are we going to do with this then? A nice, fresh piece of ass with sausage on the side. Perhaps I could look for some volunteers to take this pretty thing for a ride?' A hard slap lands on my left butt cheek. Loud cheers; shouts of "me, me!" He disappears from my view again - I assume to find the first actual prize winners!

'Ooh, you look nice. Does that thing have a name? Gosh, so much to choose from. Mark, I'm going to find you some lovers who will make you very happy you came today. Ooh, I like you. You can come up. Damn! What's this, already hard as rock. We've got a pre-prepared cum rocket here - up you go. Ok, that'll do for now. Two young studs that will be able to give you what you want, or rather give themselves what they want.' A pause in the Vegas-monologue, probably as they all come up on stage. 'Now, Mr Mark. You may not have planned on this today, and you may or may not be happy, but I just have one message for you: there are severe penalties for biting. You can choose to find out what they are, or you can play nice.'

1. Yell, scream to be let loose.
2. Play nice, then bite hard.
3. Hang there and hopefully enjoy what's coming.
4. Other?

'OK, now the rules for you studs: enjoy!' The crowd erupts. A man steps into my view, smiling. He's probably twenty four and has a rock hard erection pointing my way - it's hard to see how long from this angle, but it's definitely thick and juicy from what I can tell, with an engorged mushroom tip. As he walks towards me, pumping his arms in the air and showing off a body that I'm sure he's proud of (especially some very nice, rather square pecs) I feel a hand settle on my right butt cheek. It squeezes. Another hand reaches down and tugs on my dick a couple of times, rubs my balls as it withdraws. This may not be too bad.

The penis in front of me is struck against my cheeks, side-to-side. I open my mouth. After seeing it up close - seeing the hard, fit flesh almost popping out of taut skin - I actually really want to taste it. Its owner swings it past my mouth a few more times; I try to grab it with my lips on each pass and fail time and time again. The crowd is laughing and hooting. The MC is almost falling over. I lash out with my mouth on the next swing and grab down with my teeth. 'Aagh! Fuck! He bit me!' The owner jerks away from me and looks at me with shock and pain, and he can't hear me as I try to explain I didn't mean it. 'He fuckin' bit me!' He's pointing at me while looking at the MC and dramatically staggering backwards. C'mon, it wasn't that hard!

'Whoa! We have a biter folks!' Mr Vegas cries out, also ignoring my pleas. 'Bring out the penalty box!' The crowd goes slightly crazy.

Over the din I hear a thump; the penalty box I suppose. From the loud speaker: 'Yes, let's start with that. Will you do us the the honour, sir? It will make your winky feel better, I promise.'

The audience oohs and aahs as something happens. Oh man, what is this going to be?

'AAAAGH!!!' I cry out! What the fuck was that?! It felt like something bit me on the arse! Wait, no, it's hot: something burnt my left arse cheek, and I feel it dripping down onto my leg, still hot. Is it candle wax or something?

Another drop! 'Shit! What the fuck is that?' I yell out. No one answers except the shouts for more, more. A drop on the right side of my arse. Shit that hurts. I struggle against my binds. Nothing gives. It goes back to the other cheek. Then back to the other. The drops are getting more centralised. Oh no. He's not going he? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! I feel the aim getting closer to the middle. The wax drips circle: cheek, lower back, cheek, legs, cheek.

'FUUUUUCK!!!!!!' Fire rains on my arsehole. Drop after drop after drop, or it could have just been one; I don't know. It's too painful to tell. I grip on. Hold on. Cry out. Tell them to stop. My balls are also being hit by the hot bullets.

A hand moves my dick backwards, up closer to my arse. As I expect drips rain down on it too. It's still hard as a rock - I must really need to get off! The drips go back to my hole, which I think must be coated in wax or whatever it is, or maybe it's lost all feeling and just gone numb, because it doesn't hurt quite so much.

'Have you learnt your lesson?' the voice from the loud speaker erupts as Vegas shoves his head into my view. I nod. 'Good!' A hand slaps my arse with the weight of a horse kick. I silently grunt and then feel relief as the dripping ceases. 'Now, for a little cooling down.'

The crowd: 'Yay!'

To my utter satisfaction I feel some sort of liquid pour over my arse - it's cooling and fresh. I don't think it's water; I don't feel it rushing over me, just kind of dribbling and oozing. It covers my back, runs down my legs, over my poor anus and balls. Someone even kindly rubs it over those areas, and rubs it onto my dick. It feels slippery, actually. Maybe it's some sort of slime, or lube?

My body relaxes. I feel myself being turned sideways. This contraption must pivot and spin in the middle. I look to my left and finally see the crowd that have been so vocal through all of this. They're all naked. Some are sitting down on each other - I assume dick deep in pussy or arse while they're watching the show.

The man that I accidentally mauled is standing next to the host. He's stroking his large dong and looking at me with hunger. The MC is saying something into his ear. He moves towards me. 'We're going to try this again folks. Hopefully there won't be any more...incidents.'

I feel a hand on my butt. It slides around, then a thumb, or a finger, or something, rests on my entrance; it rubs. It feels good. Damn I never thought I could be this horny! Will someone just fuck me already!

The man in front moves into position; his eyes slightly wild. He thrust his meat into my mouth and I accept it; I eat it; I suck it; I lick it; I slobber over it. I'm starving! A finger pushes inside me. Oh shit this is good. I barely even notice the crowd now. I have one thing on my mind and that's to cum and make these guys blow. I squeeze my hole around the finger - my only way to communicate to the guy behind me. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Hopefully this gets him going. I wonder what sort of dick he has. I wonder what he even looks like? Probably pretty well built like the other one - you wouldn't call an old, fat guy a young stud!

My head moves back and forth, sucking, molesting cock with my tongue. Hands grip my face and hold my head still. The stomach in front of me moves forward and back - my mouth is being fucked and all I can do is focus on not gagging or biting when it goes too deep. Another finger enters my arse, then another. I moan with my mouth full. Something large tries to push into me; the hands are there, helping spread my hole with fingers. I'm stretching wide. Oh fuck! How big is that dick? I feel like I might break apart. I gag a little. The thrusting stops and I continue my own work with my lips - suctioning onto the thick head while another pushes in from behind. It's in - I feel a slight relief as the head of the cock gets through. I feel it inside me. I feel it slide deeper, deeper, deeper. It pushes up against my prostate. It fills me! Fuck it must be big. The crowd is going mental at seeing this pig on a spit in front of them. I feel it slide back out, almost all the way, then back in - all the way; flanks push against my cheeks.

The men increase their pace - one dick thrusting inside my mouth, one pounding my arse, making me approach orgasm myself, hitting that perfect spot. Faster. Faster. Hands grip onto my hips. I feel my own member throbbing, filling with the white stuff, approaching the point of no return.

Liquid fills my mouth and runs straight into my throat. No warning?! Just pulsing meat spilling its load inside my maw. Shot after shot of warm goo. I love it! I drink it! I feel shuddering behind me; uneven thrusting; an extremely tight grip - I'm being creamed in both ends.

1. Accept the cum of two hot young studs.

I'm so close to cumming but the thrusting behind me has stopped. The dick is just pulsing and throbbing; the guy is savouring his last few orgasmic spasms. I can't reach down to finish myself off! Aaagh! My mouth is still full of rod and I'm busy sucking and swallowing the salty gift from fucker number one, so I can't yell out for someone to finish me. I'll just have to find someone else to get me off after they let me down from here - which my arms and legs are very much looking forward to!

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