Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sex Island, Part One

Warning: the following is a little gay in parts, and a touch extreme. The man whom it was written for asked specifically to be dominated, and he wanted men – lots of them. So I gave it to him (plus a little more). 

I'm fucking horny. I can't remember the last time I was this ravenous for cock; to feel warm, hard flesh sliding into me, pushing deep against my insides, making me cum harder and shoot further than any normal jacking off. Damn I want some dick!

I wonder what's online today? It's generally pretty disappointing - fat dudes, little dicks. I want meat! Man flesh! Something you can win bets with! Something I can hold onto with two hands and I can still see skin and a big, purple mushroom.

I read a title: 'Cock hungry cross dresser wants your cum.’ Nah, will look gross for sure.

'Anal virgin looking to have my cherry poped.' Nah, I want someone who knows what they're doing, who knows how to fuck (and who knows how to spell).

'Looking for a lady - married or single.’ No, no, no, no! None of these are what I'm after. I want to be ravished, by more than one guy; I want so many dicks around me that I can't count them, and they're all for me; all long and thick and hard and ready to shoot their loads all over me. Perhaps I could put an ad up myself - 'Male wants group of guys to fuck the shit out of him!'

Agh, maybe I just need to get off. I type into the search bar - 'big cocks group sex'. I pull down my pants, start getting hard. I click on a heap of vids. Stroke myself to images of lucky dudes getting their arses filled with unnaturally large salami sticks.

I move onto the next tab - just a pop-up ad. I instinctively go to close it but happen to read the heading: 'Sex Island, Where ALL of your fantasies come true'. I look further down the page - pictures of people frolicking in swimming pools, at the beach, in bars; completely naked, and not all old and ugly either - young guys with abs and pretty large packages, chicks with big tits and tans, people in the background getting blowjobs, people doing it doggy style.

I read further: 'For the discerning gentleman/gentlewoman who would like nothing better than to spoil themselves on a tropical island with an all-you-can-fuck buffet. The only rules are that there are no kids and no clothes and no prudes. Have sex wherever you want with anyone that catches your eye. $4000 for 3 nights, which includes travel, accommodation, food, condoms and lube, and access to the beautiful inhabitants who are there for YOU. The location of the island is secret, all you need to think about is how to best spend your time.' I do have a little bit of savings I suppose...

1. Post ad online: 'Male wants group of guys to for gang bang'
2. Continue looking into Sex Island
3. Just get off watching porn
4. Other suggestions? :)

You shouldn't go shopping when you are hungry. I shouldn't go near the internet when I am this horny. I just bought a ticket to Sex Island! Oh my God, that thing was damn expensive! It better be real. I hope it is. Shit, what have I done? Yep, the money has been taken out of my account already. What if it’s a scam? What if I get friggin' kidnapped or something? I guess it's about time I did something crazy in my life. Think about it: a tropical island and I can just grab the dick of some guy who is walking past and just shove it in my mouth. I could grab a few; demand that they pound me right there on the beach or next to a pool. Wow! I can't wait! I really hope it's real. 

My dick is so hard just thinking about it - I've been stroking it the whole time while I was ordering the ticket and hardly even noticed. I click back onto a tab with a fit, white guy deep throating a mammoth black dick. I cum all over my stomach imagining myself in that situation, but on a beach and while holding a cocktail! Haha!


I'm on a small aeroplane. One of those with propellers and about 40 seats. It's bouncing like a fucking yo-yo and I'm gripping onto my seat regretting all the things that I wish I had done in my life. The plane seems to be filled with mostly men, but a few women and some couples as well – all ranging from young to old, butt-ugly to reasonably attractive. Not too bad.

A voice comes over the intercom, 'Welcome to today's flight to Sex Island. We are travelling due none-of-your-business, a little South of you-wish-you-knew, and we have an ETA of sometime during today. We are sorry to have taken all your electronic devices, but trust us, you won't need them - just swim and fuck when the sun is up, and eat and fuck when the sun is down. Easy!' This is a little different to the normal announcements by flight captains!

'I am Captain Feathersword, and I have had a pleasure flying with you today. As you disembark the flight you will notice baskets with your names on them - put all of your belongings, including your clothes, into them and they will be returned when you leave. A small goody bag will be provided which contains all you will need.'

The plane hits the tarmac almost sideways, but we survive and I finally let go of the seat and breathe again when the brakes bring us to a screaming stop.

The passengers file off the plane. We all walk towards a large, hut-looking building (grass roof, straw walls) where a gorgeous man and beautiful woman are standing on either side of the entrance. They are Caucasian but very tanned, and they are both completely nude. The woman is brunette; short, curvy and has large, natural breasts. The man is about six four, dark hair, underwear model body, and hanging from his hairless nether-region is an anaconda - it must be eight inches and it's completely flaccid! Hoohah!

The woman speaks over a portable microphone, 'Welcome. Please enter and find your basket. Remove your clothes and pick up your goody bag. The bus is on the other side of the building waiting to take you to paradise.'

As we walk into the building with big smiles and hellos, one of the passengers is brave enough to test out the 'no rules' rule and reaches out to touch the defined six pack of the man. The man does nothing but smile and compliment the tourist on his fine taste. Another tourist sees this and tries more - he puts his hand on the woman's breast; squeezes once, twice. She giggles and moans slightly, and says again, 'Welcome.' Wow! This is going to be awesome.

1. Reach out and grab the large dick as I walk into the building.
2. Reach out and feel the woman's arse as I walk into the building.
3. Restrain myself and wait to get to the island-proper before doing anything.
4. Other suggestions? :)

I wonder. I wonder what else we can get away with. Should I test this out straight away? I did pay a hell of a lot of money! Thoughts race. I walk up to the woman. She looks at me and smiles - a beautiful smile with bright eyes. She almost looks too sweet to be standing there naked at a place like this. Let's see how sweet she really is! I reach around and put my hand on her arse. It's well worked-out; round and firm. I squeeze it. Her mouth opens slightly and her eyes squint just a little in an extremely seductive manner. I reach around to her other cheek with my other hand. I rub both cheeks, moving the flesh around and around. I bring my right hand around to her pussy. I feel the warm mound with my palm while my fingers search out her lips; I move those side to side over her little nub. She moans and all the passengers who have noticed what's going on at the doorway cheer and hoot.

I look over at our other bronzed host. He has been watching and I can tell by the slowly rising and thickening animal that he is finding it a little exciting.

'Come over here,' I tell him. I'm not normally one to be giving orders, but this power is amazing! He walks over and his cock rises faster - its heavy mass is almost pointing directly up at my face with a wonderful upwards curve. I take it in my hand. It's hard - very hard. Holy shit. I slide his tight, smooth skin back and forth a few times. He has his hands on his hips and his feet wide apart; he knows he looks good.

I take the girl's hand and pull her down with me onto our knees. I hold the penis down a little and direct her head towards it. To my joy she happily takes my lead and accepts the large, purple head into her mouth. Cheers again - although the crowd has grown to be the entire compliment of passengers - most of whom are now naked as well, many with hard dick in hand.

The woman is happily moving back and forth, taking a huge amount of meat with each stroke - leaving her peach lipstick at almost the three-quarter mark of what must be a ten to eleven incher. I cup his golf-ball testicles in my hand and give them a massage with the saliva that's dripped from the hostess.

I want to taste! I pull the rod sideways to indicate, and she releases. It's glistening gloriously with rippling veins and saliva in the sun. I lick the end. I stroke with two hands. Cheers and howls (and a few mentions of 'I didn't come here to see this shit.') I'm quite enjoying the attention; my own pants are very, very tight at the moment, but I'll not let my own snake out to play just yet - this is just a little teaser for myself!

I take as much of the cock into my mouth as I can. I run my tongue around in circles - reverse direction, then reverse again, then give a little flicker, all the while stroking and pumping with two hands. I take it out and share with the woman. We both lick and nibble together. She deep throats it, almost down to the base (the crowd is thoroughly impressed). I harass the knob with both hands, squeezing down one at a time in a perpetual penetration that I know gets just about any man going.

She sucks. I suck. We both slather on either side of the head at the same time, our tongues meeting and adding to the fun.

She licks his balls while I pump like a piston with my clenched hands. I see his leg shudder. His moans get louder. I know what comes next. 

'Take it,' I tell the woman. She puts her saliva covered lips over the shiny bell and moves back and forth, fast, like an absolute pro. I help out by milking the thick base.

He calls out and throws his head back. His body arches and his hands clench as he fires what I can only imagine is a whole lot of man-juice into the girl. She keeps moving back and forth. I keep pumping and squeezing.

White, frothy milk pours out onto her chin, dribbles down onto her breasts and stomach. I feel the slippery stuff cover the cock. I give a few more quick jerks just to feel the hot lubrication and to finish him off. Claps and calls from the audience. I walk off to get naked and get my stuff while the hosts smile and wave to the crowd.

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