Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sex Island, Part Four

'Mark! Well done! You've successfully satisfied your first two customers.' Huh? What is Vegas talking about? 'But that was only a taster for what we have for you.'

The man in front of me has left his deposit and is walking off, waving to the crowd, his member wilting. The cock in my arse slides slowly out; I feel cum follow it and pour down my balls and legs.

'Coming up next is your Ultra-Super-Special, MEGA prize.' I turn my head to the crowd. They are all looking off somewhere behind me, jumping and shouting and cheering and clapping. What the hell is this? How much more can they do to me? I just got tied up and screwed by two guys! What more can there be?

An elephant trunk comes into view on my left side. It's half erect, and bounces up and down with each step its owner takes. It must be as big as a woman's forearm, and the bulbous, exposed head may as well be the fist at the end of the arm. Holy shit! A leg steps into view: thick, with defined muscles, but curvy and feminine, and definitely the gorgeous calf of a woman. A butt, full and round, follows behind the growing anaconda. I look up and there, above shiny, defined obliques, is the side of a massive breast! It must be a triple D, or even E, but it doesn't sag - it maintains a round perkiness that a boob of that size just shouldn’t have, but it doesn't look like it's pumped up with anything artificial either. What?!

She... or he... or whatever the fuck it is, takes large, slow, purposeful steps further into my view. The body of this person is distinctly female - I'm looking at her from behind as she's walking to Vegas, and her curves are making my cum-covered jaw drop. She has honey brown skin - an absolutely perfect tan - and long, black hair, tied into a pony tail. She gets up next to the MC and she stands an easy foot above his head! Holy crap! She turns to face the crowd. She lifts her arms like a warrior and pumps them above her head; her ginormous melons bounce and so does her cock, which surely can't be real! She turns to face me. She looks at me; her eyes are fierce and large and beautiful; strong, dark eyebrows almost look angry with sharp points in the middle. Her lips are full and dark red. Her face is powerful but still very much female. This is an Amazon! An Amazon princess who was gifted her own protective guardian that lives between her legs and eats her foes alive, still screaming, from the inside!

(Awesome Art by Nocure - Hentai Foundry link HERE)

1. Beg for mercy before anything horrible happens.
2. Enjoy whatever may be in store.
3. Try to break your bonds so you can run away - far, far away.
4. Other?

I move. My first instinct is to try to move. I have to get out of here. I don't want to be permanently damaged during this holiday - I was just supposed to have some group sex and leave feeling happy and satisfied.

Holding the Amazon’s dick up like a boxing champion's arm, the MC calls out: 'It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you all: Sariah, queen of the jungle!' She stands, still looking at me; her hands on her athletic hips, emphasizing muscular shoulders and toned, shapely arms. Her legs wide, she plants her bare feet.

I don't know if it's the fact that I'm aching to bust a nut, or if it's just the plain old truth, but this person in front of me is perfect; absolute perfection! I have never seen anything like her, and I won't be able to look at a normal man or woman the same way again. The late afternoon sun glistens off her tight body; I lose track of the crowd and the host again.

On he continues in the background of my attention: 'She comes to us today from a mysterious land where the water is rumoured to grant special attributes to the inhabitants. This young lady has not only the biggest cock you will ever see, she also has the virility of a horse combined with a bull combined with a rabbit. She once satisfied a whole women's soccer team and still had energy to do all their boyfriends and husbands (and the referee!) and still she had to finish herself off!'

'Now, Mr Mark, my poor, frightened little man. You must be wondering what this all has to do with you. You have already endured a pounding from some rather well-hung gentleman, and here we now have a monster.' I was indeed wondering what on Earth they have planned! 'Your task is to free yourself. And the way to free yourself is to extract the coconut milk out of these dangling nuts,' he cups the large, hairless balls swinging between the thick thighs. 'A challenge, yes, especially as you can only use your mouth. And as a little incentive for you to do well, each member of this audience will have a chance to do whatever they want to your helpless body until you succeed.'

She holds her dick - one hand on either side - gripping it at the bottom of the shaft like a baseball bat. Her breasts are squeezed together and I am hypnotised by the large, circular, fleshy eyes, looking at me with big brownish-red nipples.

'OK, everyone line up over there. Let's get this party started!!' The host yells into the mic, hailing my sex demise - I guess there are much worse ways to go. There are cheers and a lot of movement, but most of my attention is in front, as the princess walks towards me, a large grin on her face.

Even though fully erect, her dick curves slightly downwards (due to the extraneous weight I suppose); I see long veins that travel all the way along the top, bringing so much blood to the organ I'd be surprised if her heart wasn't twice the size of a normal one.

She directs it towards my face. It's getting closer. The large, vertical eye is looking at me. The glans is shaped like a python's head - thin and flat at the tip, but curves outwards to a thick, round, helmet.

It reaches my lips and all I can do is open them and hope for the best. The flesh pushes inside. It's plump - smooth and firm. My jaw opens wider and wider, and wider! My lips are stretched out almost as far as they can go while my mouth has no more empty space. My lips finally make it over the head, and that's it! That's all of the behemoth I can fit! I gag as it kisses the back of my throat.

I feel something round rest on my arsehole - I feel hardness between my cheeks - must be a dick. It shoves inside me! I wasn't ready for that! I cry out. The sound is muffled by the continuous cheers and the fat bulb in my mouth, which I am trying my best to rub with my squished tongue.

The dick in my arse is hard and long. It actually feels really good! It must be a great shape for me. It's assaulting my prostate. Something covers my own rock-hard member; it's a mouth - I can feel tongue and teeth. I guess they're not going to take turns! Holy fuck this is amazing! Whoever is sucking my dick is a pro! My vision is blocked by a gigantic cock, so I can't see if it's a man or a woman, but they have definitely extracted cum with their mouth before!

My lips slide back and forth over the large purple helmet. I suck on the very tip, lick it, nibble it; my only chance to make this thing blow is to find something different that she hasn't experienced.

I'm going to cum very quickly! I feel it gathering as a mouth quickly moves back and forth, deeply over my dick, and hands slap my arse hard while I'm being pounded from behind like a little slut. I glance upwards with my eyes and see the smooth, caramel brown stomach of the Amazon, and above that the undercarriage of her wonderful breasts and hard nipples. Oh god I can't hold on any more! I'm going to cum! Fuck this is amazing! Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I'm cumming! Finally! This never felt so fucking good! It's getting pushed out from inside my arse, and sucked out of the end of my cock! Oh my fucking god! The mouth is accepting every drop of my sperm - it's still sucking. The guy pounding behind must feel that I'm cumming and he is driving hard; driving me and himself home. He starts jolting and I can tell he's adding his fluid to my insides.

The mouth leaves my sensitive knob. The cock slides out of my gaping arse. Another takes its place in me instantly! Damn! Couldn't they wait for five minutes while I recover? The new man fucks like a rabbit - his dick is shorter and slimmer than the last one, but he is going about twice as fast. He's slapping my arse as he fucks. Actually, it feels like different people are slapping me - many hands landing on my already beaten tush. Someone grabs my semi-relaxed penis and makes it hard with their hand. Someone reaches and squeezes and slaps my balls. Something hurts my back; it feels like I was hit with a cane or a whip. Fingers crush and squeeze my nipples. Nails scratch my stomach. Aaagh, there are too many things happening! Pleasure; pain; excitement; fear. I don't know what to focus on! The Amazon decides for me - she grabs my head with her strong hands and begins to fuck my mouth! I gag every time she thrusts forwards. I can hardly breathe! I just hold on; I can't do anything else!

More cum in my arse - the rabbit was fast. The next person uses the slippery semen as lubrication and dives straight in with his thick pole - it's not very long but it's stretching me wide. People claw and scratch and bite - I'm being assaulted all over.

I'm losing track of time and space. I'm learning to focus on pain, then focus on pleasure, then merge them into one incredible feeling by letting go of all my will to control anything. I'm a carcass being ravaged by a pack of hungry wolves. I'm a skier who, trapped by an avalanche, has finally given up and is receiving the cold and lack of air as a new friend to take him away. I'm a plastic fuck doll. Another man deposits inside me. The monster in front of me continues to bury itself in my mouth and my throat, her tits rolling back and forth like the cool, calm, peaceful ocean. Another person cums. I seem to have a constant stream of fluid running down my balls and dick. I even cum again myself; how could I not? I've surrendered everything. I think I even hear the host say that he's going to have a go. I've wondered if he was going to join, and what that large, pierced dong would feel like. It pushes hard against my prostate; so, so deep. He fucks for ages. I cum again - I don't know how, I have never finished more than three times in a day, and that was with ample rest! He fills me while detailing his experience into the microphone for all to hear.

Finish story: PART FIVE

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