Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sex Island, Part Five

Many, many people have their fun. I even see some women walking by with strap-ons dangling in front of them.

The amazon pulls out of my mouth. 'Ok, it's my turn now,' she calls out over the noise with the feminine deepness of a large netball player.

I relax my mouth with a relief I never thought I could imagine: it's wonderful! My lips and jaw hurt like a bitch.

I don't relax for long - the crowd is getting a lot louder, a lot more excited. They're now standing in a big circle, on the stage, off the stage, wherever they can get a good look at the seven foot tall woman with the horse-cock making her way around the tied up piece of fuck meat, preparing to mount by stroking herself with both hands, making sure she's hard enough so that I never forget Sex Island.

A wall pushes against my anus; or maybe it's a train, or a tree - it doesn't matter, all of them would feel the same, and none of them would have any luck of getting in, regardless of how stretched I am from the multitudes of cocks and dildos I've already taken. I feel more pressure. Her hands hold on tight to my hips. Nothing. It's not going to go in.

The thick dick pulls away from in between my arse cheeks and I feel hands replace it - two or three or four hands - the people around must be assisting. Lube pours all over. Fingers work their way inside and pull me apart - wide, very wide. More lube; it dribbles down my balls and legs. The monster returns; it approaches between the fingers pulling from all angles; it pushes hard; it starts to enter - I feel the head moving in. I'm stretching wider and wider. I'm crying out. I'm swearing. Everyone is waiting now in silence to see if this marvel of nature can actually happen. I feel the veiny cock inside me. The fingers let go. I'm still stretched wide around that trunk as it slides deeper and deeper. It rubs past my prostate and fills me. Deeper. Shit! How far is she going to go? I finally feel her flank against my arse - her large testicles press against my own. She's all the way in!

More lube is poured over us. Someone's hands are all over my junk, stroking and slapping my somehow still-rock-hard erection. The giant penis makes a very slow exit for what feels like half an hour.

FUCK!!!! It rammed me! Shit! That fucking hurt! She's pounding me; fucking me hard, fast, deep. Her balls are slapping against me again and again and again. Someone is sucking my dick - it could be a few different people: the style changes frequently. That feeling of unbearable pleasure mixed with unfathomable pain is building up, but luckily, somehow, the overall result is becoming enjoyable - good, in a way that can't be described unless you are feeling it for yourself, kind of like when you had your first orgasm as a teenager: what was happening didn't make sense, but you just keep going because you know that something is happening, something that hasn't happened before, but it's... good! Unbelievably good! Wonderful!

The woman continues to fuck me. I'm imagining her firm, round arse clenching and relaxing with each thrust; her strong legs flexing and rippling; her tight skin glistening with sweat and lube. She goes faster and faster. The crowd gets louder and more excited; they know there will soon be a conclusion. Someone is deep throating me. Someone is sucking my balls - they're probably getting slapped in the face by the amazon's nuts, which by now I would imagine are filled to capacity and ready to pour out. I'm going to cum again. I feel it all through my entire body and mind, rushing through my every nerve. It takes so long to build up that I don't know any other feeling now other than orgasm. I can't stop myself from crying. I finally reach the peak; finally release whatever drops of semen were left inside me. It's squeezed and pushed and sucked out of me, drop by drop by precious drop. It aches! It feels fucking amazing!

The MC wasn't making up the story about the soccer team, I'm sure of that now. I finished my own orgasm ages ago, and now I'm just waiting for her to be done - to fill me like a cream donut.

The crowd is chanting: 'Cum, cum, cum!' Finally she starts to shudder a little. She speeds up, slows down; goes shallow, goes deep. She moves almost all the way out so just the head of the beast is sliding, very quickly, in and out of my numb sphincter. The people around are probably helping - stroking and licking her meat while my hole squeezes the head. She pulls it out of me and I feel myself being spun so that my torso and dick are facing the sky. I see her in front of me and above me. I see her huge breasts being pressed together and rubbed by the strangers. I see her beautiful face in the throes of orgasm - mouth open, eyes slightly squinting, brow furrowed. I see her big, purple python - it shoots a stream of cum onto my chest - a long, thick ribbon. It shoots again; hits me right in the face! I taste it. Another stream, on my chest. Another - on my sagging penis and sore balls. Another on my stomach. She continues stroking, as do her surrounding assistants, and she continues cumming on me. People are licking it off me, rubbing it on themselves; do they think it has healing properties?! Considering the source, it probably does.  

She slows down. The spurts die down to trickles, and then drips, each one milked out and licked off the end of her cock by the crowd.


The MC says some more things. They let me down and I sit on a nearby seat. Someone fetches me a towel and a cocktail. I smile and wave weakly as everyone parades around me and congratulates me, shaking my hand and patting my back.

For the rest of my holiday I think I'll just relax.


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