Monday, 8 April 2013

Swept Off, Part Two

Screams pierce my ears and bring me crashing back into consciousness. Sharp points of grass press into the skin of my cheek, my arm, my side, my legs. I’m naked. Why am I naked? When I open my eyes I see the bright sun; my head hurts as if I’d been drinking all night, thrown up all over a stinky public toilet floor then had to walk home at ten or eleven in the morning in the blazing summer sun hoping no one I knew would see me carrying my heels!

I lift my head and focus a little more on my surroundings. Green hills come into view. Forests in the distance. Things flying in the sky. What happened last night? Was I drugged? I kind of remember soaring through the air. What the hell did that bastard give me?! Where is he? Who is crying out?

I raise my head a little further, stretch my stiff neck, turn and see that I’m on a large, grass-covered hill, high above the land around us, and…WHOA!!! That’s where the screams are coming from – about ten metres behind where I’m lying there is a…beast? A man? With wings? He’s crouched on the ground, squatting, and in between his large, muscular legs is a woman on her hands and knees. Her arms are bracing herself from the impact: the winged creature is screwing her, hard and fast. He’s holding her by the shoulders with his huge hands and thrusting relentlessly. Her face is down, covered by disheveled blonde hair. She must be in pain, or pleasure - it’s hard to tell by the noises she is making - she could be dying or cumming!

The beast looks like a large man, probably seven or eight feet tall as a guess. He looks mostly normal except for the long, wide wings protruding from his back. They are covered in the same tanned skin as the rest of his naked body - kind of more like a bat’s wings than those of a bird, and they give a flap now and again either for extra balance, or he’s just carried away with his task at hand and doesn't notice.

I hear the slapping of their bodies. I see the underside of a huge cock disappearing into the slim blonde woman, only to slide back out and prepare to push back in to the tight wet space. Large balls swing back and forth. Sweat is covering both of their bodies. The power that one has over the other is something I’ve imagined but have never seen or felt. The beast is driven by a primal lust and there would be no way for his prey to escape, or move, or do anything that he wouldn't want.

I feel myself getting moist as I watch the onslaught; as the woman throws her head back and screams out that she’s finishing, again (apparently); as I see her fluids squirting out - the spray lit up by the rising sun; as I see her large, firm breasts bouncing back and forth with each thrust; as the large, muscular arms ripple and flex while holding her neck and one of her shoulders.

I’m hypnotised. I’m horny! I’m pretty sure this is all a dream anyway, so I might as well just get myself off while I’m watching! I roll over and lie facing the two ‘lovers’ with my legs spread wide. My fingers search out my lips and start rubbing and massaging. I run my finger over the lump of my little friend through the folds of flesh. I have not been this turned on since I was a teenager and had a sexy teacher with a firm, square butt. Ah, Mr Harrison…

The beast begins flapping his wings wildly. I feel the warm air gust over my naked body. The two lovers leave the grass – rise up slowly. Where is he taking her? He’s still thrusting. His feet are holding her calves with large claws that I didn't notice before. His arms are wrapped around her mid-section, holding her close and tight. Her arms reach back and grip onto his large head; I see the mix of fear and ecstasy in her eyes as she looks down to the ground below, wondering what will happen next, I’m sure. I slide two fingers inside my wet pussy. This is great! Haha!

He drops her! From about thirty meters up. Holy cow! She’s falling! Screaming! Arms and legs flailing; body spinning. I can’t watch. But I can’t stop watching. The beast falls as well; or rather swoops – his head points directly towards her, and with his wings tucked back he plunges, something like a naked Superman crossed with a falcon. He grips her by the ankle with one hand; flaps the enormous wings and brings her softly back to ground (head and shoulders first, mind you).

She’s still screaming. She jumps up and tries to strike at him but he grabs her, lifts her up and pushes her down onto his dick as he lies on his back. His hands hold her by the side of her stomach, and pumps her body up and down like it has no weight whatsoever, and her adrenaline translates to her crying out in pleasure again. Was that his plan? To screw with her senses then give her more pleasure? Or is he just sadistic and horny in equal measure? She moans, loudly. Her fluids glisten on the large, veiny pole. Why am I just watching? If this isn't real I might as well go and have some more fun; it’s not cheating if it’s a dream! I must have fallen asleep before I did anything bad with Gary, so this can be my consolation prize.

I crawl towards the pair. The blonde woman sees me coming their way. ‘No! Don’t! Aaagh! Go away! Run…oh…away!’ she yells out to me between moans while thick meat disappears inside her. Her eyes are wild and her head shakes. ‘Run away!’

I pause. Erm, should I listen to her advice? She seems pretty frantic about it. But it looks so good! What’s the worst that can happen? I wake up? Ha! I continue crawling.

My hand reaches the beast’s leg. I feel the hard muscle of his calf, flexing with each of the upwards thrusts. My fingers move upwards, they slide along his smooth, hairless skin, rest on his inner thigh – it’s huge, and firm, and hot! Really hot! Much warmer than human body temperature. It reminds me of the hot water bottle I use in winter – he would be very handy on a cold night!

In front of my eyes I see a bald pussy stretched wide, accepting almost half of the giant penis. Large balls, also smooth and without hair or fur bounce up and down. I can’t help but reach towards them; I cup them in my hand – they must be the size of billiard balls. I lift them, I feel their weight. I squeeze each one. My hand moves to the base of the pumping piston, wraps around it – it barely fits around half of the circumference. It’s like a rock covered in tight skin. I slide my hand up and down a bit. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this! But experiencing something that has to be ten times bigger than my husband’s is something I don’t want to miss, even if it’s not real!

Hands grip the back of my head – it’s the beast. My face is thrust forwards into the woman’s opening. It’s held there. My nose on her mound; my closed lips pressing against her open lips; my chin against the underside of the python. What do I do? I've never done anything with a girl before. I've imagined it a few times, imagined what it would feel like to lick a pussy the way I would like mine licked, so that’s exactly what I do! This is no time for second guessing.

My tongue slides out and with it I feel her soft, soaking outer labia. I give long strokes (or as long as I can give without being able to move my head). Her taste is salty, sweet, sour - I don't know how to describe it - it's just different, but it's certainly arousing; something that I shouldn't be allowed to taste.

I draw circles and lines over her hard clit. Up and down, from the disappearing cock back to her, up and down, around and around. She continues to cry out. I'm not sure if it's any more or less than before I was helping. I look up; past her large jelly molds her eyes are wide open and looking at me, her mouth agape, sucking in huge amount of oxygen and making a beautiful noise that only a woman is capable of.

My head is pulled back by the thick fingers. The ginormous cock slides out of the blonde (leaving her pussy wide and gasping). I'm thrust onto it, mouth first! I open, allowing it in - it would have been forced in one way or another, I suppose. It's huge! My jaw is open as wide as it can go! My lips are stretched. Only the fleshy head and some change has fit inside. It wants to go deeper. It pushes. The strong hands dig into my skull and force me down. The beast thrusts and thrusts and thrusts. The dick goes deeper - it hits the back of my throat. I gag. I'm struggling to breathe. I think I'll wake up soon, probably suffocating on my pillow!

I don't wake up. It continues. I'm getting light headed. Tears are pouring out of my eyes and I'm crying out muffled pleas for him to stop.

He pulls his penis out of my face, grips me by the arm and throws me to the side, literally like a doll. Has he had enough of me? I'm jolted and lying on the grass. I take a breath. Relax my poor lips that may never be the same size.

I look over and he's already on top of the other woman who probably appreciated the break now that I've experienced that cock for myself! She's lying on her back. He's on his knees holding each of her ankles as if they were small wrists; her legs are straight and wide open. He's back to full-speed pounding. How long can he last?! How long can she last?! His tanned, perfect arse flexes with each thrust; his wide back ripples. I can't believe it - I'm still horny as hell, even after that onslaught. Actually I think the forced blowjob must have turned me on even more! To experience that much power and that much dick first hand was incredible! I can't wait till he fucks me! Just like he's giving it to the other woman. He speeds up as I watch. She cries out that she's cumming (again). He starts to flap his wings and they take off (again) while she is held up just by her ankles. They stay about ten metres above the ground and I see her breasts hanging towards her face as she dangles upside down.

The beast begins to make a noise. A deep grunting. It builds to a wild howl. I see white fluid pour out onto the woman's torso as her arms hang towards the ground and she screams. The thick goo covers her, runs over her boobs and face and rains down onto the ground. The flying is erratic - they drop a little bit, then recover, then fly up a bit, then drop again. The cum continues to spill out of her full pussy. Incredible! I'm about to cum myself as I have been fingering myself to the scene!

He drops her in the middle of my orgasm. He's not flying towards her this time. She screams. She hits the ground, hard. She doesn't move. Holy shit! The monster floats in the sky, looking down. Oh my god! OK, time to wake up now - this just got a little serious. Wake up! Wake up! He descends in my direction. I know this is just a dream or a nightmare or whatever, but I really don't feel like dying when everything seems so real and lucid as it does right now. C'mon! Wake up! I try pinching and punching myself. It's not working. I look over and the blonde is still not moving. Why would I dream about this?

He settles on the grass and walks towards me with a hideous smile and a dripping, still-just-as-erect-as-before cock. I'm no longer horny. This is no longer fun. I instinctively start scrambling backwards.


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