Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Swept Off, Part Three

Something hit the winged man, something large. It carries him through the air and they drive into the ground with such force that I feel the vibration.

Grass puffs into the air above them and the ground is shredded, leaving a large divot, or rather a crater I guess.

The wings struggle and flit like those of a stunned bird. A man (without any extra appendages) sits astride the beast, straddling him with thick legs and pounding into his foe's chest with clenched fists; each blow sounding like an immense drum at some Chinese parade I've seen on TV.

They both howl and roar with guttural rage. No distinguishable words come from either. 

The beast blocks one of the punches - he must have finally realised he should be doing something in defense. He brings down a huge elbow into the man's stomach, then lands a perfect strike to the side of his face. The stunned man falls back and the beast quickly gets to his feet with efficient use of his extra limbs, raising himself up: a vampire from the grave.

The man is back up as well. He has long, blonde hair and dark skin like his foe. It's hard to tell as he crouches on the ground ready for the next strike, but he seems to be about the same height as the beast. As you could probably guess, he is also just as naked as the beast; his body now covered in dirt and bleeding scratches. I can't help but notice his large, dangling sausage as well. 

A silent starter's pistol urges them both to attack at the same time, leaping forwards. I hear the smack of skin. They grapple as giant gladiators; muscles and veins almost bursting from taut skin. They struggle to get their hands to throats; to push each other to the right or the left; to scratch at eyes. Equally matched for sure. 

The man lands a good punch. The beast is enraged and swipes down with both hands across the man's chest, then slams him backwards. The man digs his bare feet into the ground to stop himself from falling. I see several vertical lines of blood appearing on his broad, square chest. He sees them as well and charges forward again, jumping and tackling the monster to the ground. Fists fly.

The battle continues for what feels like eternity, then I suddenly remember myself! What am I doing just sitting and watching? Why am I still in this dream? Surely the morning should have arrived by now. I should be running away, or trying harder to wake up. I'm transfixed. I'm a small, brown, naked figure riveted in place on this grassy hill by fear and the knowledge that here in this land I am utterly helpless and useless. I am prey. Or at best, the tiny mate of large beasts who will use me as they please until I am no longer needed, at which point I will likely be dropped from a height and probably eaten!

My fear is subdued by something carnal, something deep. I feel like an animal. I feel like a woman. I feel precious and desired. These two alpha males are fighting over me, I am sure, and whomever wins will have me. Nothing is my choice anymore. Whatever will happen will happen and all I can do is sit and wait and imagine which of their dicks I will soon have deep within me, stretching me and filling me with their juice, making me cum properly for the first time. Oh man, that's an exciting thought! I'm still fairly certain that this is a dream so again: what's the worst that can happen - I get fucked by a man-beast harder than I could have ever imagined, then I wake up. 

C'mon one of you, hurry up and defeat the other! I reckon I'd like to try the blonde one - his face is very handsome!

The blonde is thrown down. It was a big hit. I'm not sure if he will get up; looks like I'm about to try aerial sex! The winged beast walks towards me, his fiery eyes on his prize, blood dripping from his mouth. 

SLAM!! He is smashed from behind. Both large bodies travel towards me through the air. I might not make it to the sex! Just as I am about to be pummeled one of their strong arms drives into the ground, launches the missile just over my head as I duck for cover and feel the wind on my skin. 
They hit the ground and the beast jumps straight into the air; he flies up, high. The man looks up, watching him, crouched and ready.

The beast dives. The man jumps. A huge impact. I see wings flitter and jolt; they are spread out on the grass as the man stands tall above his enemy. He lifts a leg and brings his foot down with a sickening crush. The wings lie still.

Finish story: PART FOUR

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