Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Swept Off, Part Four

The man looks at me. His penis begins to rise while he is still standing on the brain of his opponent. What? He wants to consummate right here on the battlefield? He walks quickly towards me with a bloody foot and black eye. I don't bother running. What good would it do me?

He arrives, crouches over me, pins my arms to the ground. He looks me all over. Smells me. He sniffs at my bald pussy for an especially long amount of time - I start to feel a little embarrassed; hopefully it smells fresh! His large tongue leaves his mouth and covers my whole mound. Oh, it feels so good to finally get some attention! He licks at it like a dog with some water, lapping and stroking. He shoves his tongue inside - it's much thicker and longer than anything that's ever been in me! It squirms and wriggles and I shriek in unknown pleasure. Oh god this is wonderful! The tongue dives deeper and licks and moves over my g-spot. I can feel it all the way up my spine and to the top of my head. My face is filling with blood. I cry out over and over again as my juice spews into his mouth and is hungrily devoured. I have never cum so hard in my life! It's good to know that primitive man is capable of such servicing!

He takes it out and leaves me gaping and empty. I'm still pinned to the ground as he positions himself to penetrate me with his bobbing, throbbing monster. I'm still very happy this is a dream - that thing would damage me in real life!

The large purple head pushes at my lips. It slides in without pause, all the way, as deep as my tiny pussy will allow it. Oh fuck! I'm full! I've never felt such a thing - it's pushing on every part of the inside of my box. I cum straight away! I scream out. I cry out: 'Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!' My body convulses while I'm held down by my arms and groin. It's unbearable!

He slides out and begins to thrust. I continue cumming, my juice flowing down my arse. It's building! How is this possible?! The huge piston slides in and out, in and out and I feel like I'm about to pass out. I can do nothing but hold onto his strong thighs with my legs and scream and cry and moan and laugh and squirt.

Each orgasm merges with the next and I have no idea how much time has passed or how much more fluid I can lose before becoming seriously dehydrated. I've become one with this man. I now know what it feels like to have absolute release and he's given it to me with his thick, perfectly curved pole.

His dirty, bloody chest stretches and flexes as his pounding accelerates. His dark brown eyes stare at mine while his lips part and he breathes heavily his initial stages of orgasm. He drives harder and harder and he crushes my arms into the grass as I feel myself cum again. My contracting pussy drives him over the edge and he howls like an animal. I actually feel his jizz shooting into me; I feel his shaft throb as it pumps the white goo deep inside. It spills out and runs over my legs. He pulls out and continues to shoot all over me, literally coating my brown stomach and perky breasts. Holy crap! I'm not going to be able to go back to ordinary men after this dream!

Before I can properly recover he scoops me up and hangs me over his shoulder like I weigh nothing. He runs down the hill and towards the woods. I'm bumping and jolting, but I feel secure, and his firm muscles cushion my body.

He runs for a long time. I still wonder when I will wake. He reaches a large tree, grabs a vine and climbs up with ease while I hold onto his thick neck. At the top of the tree is a primitive tree house - basically some leaves and grass spread over a wide and flattened fork in the tree. A group of naked women are there, sitting and waiting for their master to return, I suppose. I'm plopped amongst them. He looks down and seems pleased with his new prize. He turns and jumps out of the tree.

So I have become one of many brides of a giant jungle man? I could get used to this, which is lucky because I'm starting to think I'm not going to wake up...


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