Monday, 14 January 2013

Hard Choices, Part Two

Image commissioned by OnagiArt (Link to Onagi's work)

What do I do? I guess I should get the fuck out of here and leave her, or him, or whatever the fuck it is tied to the table. I’m trying to leave but I find myself unable to look away. The body and face is still that of one of the hottest woman I have ever seen. The breasts are real, of that I am completely sure - unless it's a fucking good, new type of surgery that no one knows about yet! Her voice was the voice of a woman - I guess there are hormones and stuff you can take to change all of that. I don't know. I'm also looking at the penis. Not in disgust. For some reason - probably the fact that it's attached to this amazing specimen of a woman - it doesn't make me think of her, or it, as a man. It has its own kind of beauty. It's curvaceous like she is. It's firm and tight and tanned like she is. It's smooth and hairless like the rest of her. Maybe a dick on a woman is just a dick on a woman - it's still a woman but with a different type of sex organ? I don't know. I do know that my own erection hasn't died down.

I walk up to her, between her legs. I look down, check around the base of the cock - it's definitely hers and definitely real - it's moving back and forth with the force of her heart pumping blood through the thing. Large balls are attached to the bottom, hanging down between her magnificent, meaty thighs. I've always been a little curious about what it would feel like to touch another dick besides my own, but never been attracted to men. Maybe this is the opportunity I've been waiting for?!

I put my hand on her thigh so she knows I'm still there. I move it towards her flank to see if she's still ok. My fingers reach the skin right next to where it starts to curve upwards toward the leaning, throbbing tower. She does nothing. The shaft flexes and moves and reveals her anticipation. My pants strain a little harder. My breath quickens. My heart beats. My thumb and forefinger press into the sides of the thick, round base. It's hard. Real hard. But the skin is soft and still feminine somehow - there is no stubble, there are no blemishes; just smooth, sultry skin with a few thick, long veins running down its length. My finger and thumb move the skin up and down slightly. I'm excited! This is exciting me! Fuck it. She can't see me. No one else is around. Who's going to know if I experiment a little? I'm going to do this! I encircle the meat with my whole hand and my fingers just make it the whole way around. I feel it jerk.

Slowly, I pull the foreskin upwards. The curve of the dick is very sexy. I stroke back down all the way. Again - up, down. I speed up a bit for the next stroke and the next. I'm stroking a dick! A hard, long, thick, beautiful dick. I reach up with my other hand and cup her breast. The contrast of the two different types of flesh is amazing - soft and fleshy with hard and tight. Wow!

1. Take off clothes.
2. That's enough weirdness - get out of there before I do anything I may regret!
3. Jerk off on her tits and leave.
4. Other suggestions.

My hand moves from the shaft down to the balls, cups them. It moves up and wraps tightly around the bottom of the head - pumps it up so it looks like it will burst out of the skin. I want to see what it feels like in my mouth! I bend down, and holding the middle of it with my hand I just lick the tip a little. I can't taste much - it's not horrible anyway, and just smells wonderful and womanly like the rest of her. 

Fuck it (I tell myself again). I take the head into my mouth. It's large. It pretty much fills my entire maw. It feels good. I suck and slowly take it out at the same time. The rod goes even harder and jolts in my hand. It must have felt good for her. This could be an easier way to please a chick than messing around with sensitive little clits. I know what feels good on a dick - I'm already a pro at this! Haha! I take the head back into my mouth and twirl my tongue like crazy around and around. I change directions. I feel her hips move up and down. I hear a hard breath. My hand strokes up and down while my tongue and lips go to work on the plump, fleshy knob. My other hand is working her nipples and breasts. I bring it down to cup and massage her balls.

I stop sucking and bring my head back so I can admire this beauty while I tug on her dick. I have to get naked! I pull off my shoes, rip off my shirt, take off my socks and pull my pants and underwear down over my own aching friend - which almost celebrates to be free of its prison. I reach down and grip it while my other hand is still on hers. Two dicks - what am I, a friggin' gay pornstar! Haha! No way, in my mind there is no way this is a man - just a chick with a dick and the situation has turned me on like crazy. 

My hand moves to her balls again, rubs them and lifts them a little. I see something. I lift them a bit higher. Is that a...pussy?! I lift them right up. There, below the sack, are two outer lips, opening to show inner lips meeting at a little hood. A pussy if ever I did see one! Huh?! Oh, this must be an aphrodite, or hermaphrodite, or whatever they're called - one of those with both male and female junk. I didn't think it would look like this though. I thought it would be all disfigured and stuff, like with some half-dick and half-pussy, or just a giant clitoris; something you just wouldn't want to go near. But this is a perfectly formed pussy, sitting under a perfect set of cock and balls. I guess she got the best of both worlds. Wow! My mind is boggling slightly at the possibilities.

1. Focus on the dick.
2. Redirect to the pussy.
3. Work both.
4. Other suggestions.

My fingers move to the lips of the pussy; one on each outer lip. It's dripping wet! Well, it seems to function like normal. Wow. I'm still happily shocked. A kid in a candy and a toy store at the same time. I don't know where to start - might as well have some candy. I bend down and move the soft, smooth ball sack to one side. My tongue meets the outer labia. It smells sweet, and the taste of her juice drives me a little wild. I drag my tongue from the bottom to the top of one outer lip, slowly; repeat on the other side; repeat on both sides; repeat right down the middle; continue to stroke her long shaft while I plunge my tongue inside her depths. I look up while I lick up towards and around her clit. The undercarriage of a ginormous dick; veins; the meaty, muscular protrusion travelling up the centre that I've always secretly liked the look of whenever watching a girl ride a big cock in porn. But this is different - on either side of this beast are two of the best breasts I have seen - internet or not! Even lying back, this goddess' lumps sit up like two very well set jelly molds. Her hard, dark-red nipples the perfect size for licking, sucking, staring at for hours!

I thrust my tongue back inside her. It flickers and manoeuvres around frantically, enjoying the feel and the taste. I move my head upwards and slide my tongue along the inner lips, softly over her little hood; I keep going up, over the sack - I let one of the balls into my mouth, suck it for a moment, then continue all the way up the shaft to the purple head and shove it in my mouth. Two of my fingers jam effortlessly into the wet pussy and I start working her G-spot (I assume she has one!) while my head bobs up and down, pleasing the hard, jolting dick. Her hips thrust - she's having difficulty remaining silent and motionless, and I reckon I would too if I was having double the normal amount of joy!

I grab my own throbbing dick. Stroke it. I'm so turned on I feel like just cumming now.

1. Make her cum just to see what happens with this double combo.
2. Put a condom on myself, stick it in.
3. Can't hold back. Cum on her tits and face.
4. Any other suggestions? :)

I want to see what it's like to screw this girl! I walk over to my pants and search through the pockets for the condom I always have ready to go. I rip it open, pull it out and roll it down over my dick, which is so hard that it looks massive! I walk back over to Stephanie; stand between her legs. My hands move over both her fit calves, up over her firm thighs and meet at her thick erection. I pump it up and down with both hands; make sure she's really ready to go. I move my hips in closer. The table is a little high, so I have to go up on my toes. I lift her large testicles to reveal the plump, wet lips - spread and yearning and glistening. I tap my dick against her pussy, rub the tip in between the inner flesh folds. Tap softly on her clit. I'm holding her dick like a joy stick, still stroking up and down.

BAM! The door to the room swings open. I nearly have a friggin’ heart attack! I turn my whole body in shock and instinctively cover my dick with my hand and see someone standing at the entrance: a woman; long, straight blonde hair; fit and athletic build, just like Stephanie, maybe a little taller; boobs just as big, just as firm, just as real, with lighter, pink nipples. She's wearing a black miniskirt and pink high heels. She has sporty, curvy legs just like Stephanie (I have to find out where these girls workout, maybe there's more?!) She has a ridiculously beautiful, but stern face and she's staring right at me. Uh oh, is this the girl friend? Am I about to be shot?

1. Grab your shit and run.
2. Ask who she is.
3. Start with 'Hey Babes'.
4. Other... :)

Finish story: PART THREE

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