Monday, 14 January 2013

Hard Choices, Part Three

'Who... ' I start.

She talks over me: 'Well how is he, Hon?' A sweet, beautiful, womanly voice erupts from blonde. She's still looking at me - up and down. Her eyes fall on my dick, which I am having trouble hiding as it is still fully erect and bulging in the confines of the stretched rubber.

The woman on the table talks: 'He's very, very good. A real pro at sucking and seems to know how to work a cunt.'

'Hmm, interesting. Very interesting.' The blonde starts walking towards me in slow, measured, very sexy steps. I feel a more positive vibe. Am I about to be even more lucky?! She looks me in the eyes and bites her bottom lip. 'We are going to have some fun, aren't we?'

I don't know if she's asking me or Stephanie. I don't care either way. I have nothing to say. I'm a stunned fish caught in a weird dream that I'm sure I'll wake up from at any moment. She's now right in front of me and even more gorgeous up close. Her eyes are exotic - maybe some Spanish or something in her? Her lips are full rose buds - painted dark-pink. Her hair is loose and drapes over her shoulders and down her perfect breasts.

Hands grab me from behind! They entwine my arms behind my back and hold me tight. I go to struggle as a natural motion but stop quickly and relinquish my freedom. Why should I struggle against this?! A whisper in my ear from behind: 'Relax.' Something covers my eyes - probably the blind fold. A hand takes me by the dick, pulls me and I walk obediently forwards.

OOOPH! I hit the tiles, hard! What the fuck?! I must have been tripped. Luckily I didn't land on my willy! Before I can do anything I feel two bodies all over me, pinning me, strapping me quickly. I'm on the ground, on my back. In just about the same position as Stephanie was on the table. Oh man. I'm slightly nervous. I hope this is not going to be anything nasty. I pull my arms up, my legs; yup, definitely tied down. 'Relax.' A voice whispers in my ear again as a hand grabs the base of my dick and pulls off my condom. 'You won't need this.' It sounds like the blonde.

Something swallows my cock whole - I think it's a mouth. Yes, a mouth: I feel the suction and the teeth and the tongue as it moves back up. Damn I wish I could see it! This blind fold is a horrible idea! Oh well, life could be worse at this moment in time! Haha! I assume that it's Stephanie at my top half, kissing my neck and playing with my chest and nipples, and occasionally thrusting her tongue in my mouth. So it must be those gorgeous pink lips leaving their mark all the way down my meat. 'Ohhhh, fuck.' I let out. She's hungry! I feel Stephanie pull away from me, spin around and climb on top of my chest, facing down. I picture that her dick must be right in front of my face and I imagine what she wants next. I'm very happy to oblige. I open my mouth slightly and flicker my tongue in the air. I was right: It meets hard flesh. I lift my head and grab softly with my teeth, pull it down towards me.

1. Suck dick whilst getting best blowjob of life.
2. Other?

I put as much lady-penis as I can into my mouth; roll my tongue around and around. I moan with my mouth full as the blonde works my own cock with absolute skill - nothing repeated, everything random and stimulating every part when it's least expected. I feel hands working me as well - mouth, hands, tongue, teeth; a ball being sucked here and there. I'm going to cum so fast and so hard! She's probably practiced quite often on her brunette friend here. Now THAT would be something to see!

Stephanie pulls her cock out of my mouth and I feel a wet pussy replace it. She pushes it down onto my mouth and I happily eat away. Her large balls are draped with their weight on my nose and eyes. I feel the large dick slide against my forehead as she moves back and forth, fucking my tongue and lips.

The blonde stands up - I hear her heels tap on the tiles. I hear them walk over me, position on either side of my body. I feel something soft and smooth and hot slowly envelop my cock - devour me whole. Her weight presses all the way down. I feel her arse sit on the tops of my thighs. Her skirt brushes my legs and stomach. Holy fuck this is amazing! I lick the pussy above me harder and faster. I can feel from her pulsating body that she's getting very close (and her cries of 'oh fuck, oh fuck!' are giving it away as well!) I wonder if her dick will cum at the same time as her pussy? Are they connected? The blonde rides me bareback - I don't give a fuck about diseases anymore - this is incredible. She slides just the end of my dick in and out for several thrusts, then agonisingly sits all the way down, sucking with her pussy all the way back up. I didn't even know women could get that sort of suction down there!

Meanwhile, at my face: 'I'm cumming! FUCK!!! I'M CUMMING!!!' Stephanie rides my face hard, tight - I'm having trouble getting breath. I feel her spasms. I taste her juices. I hold my tongue on her hard clit. I wonder if she's shooting a load out of the end of her monster into my hair, or across the room. Ha! She falls off to the side. I gulp some air!

'Take off the blind fold.' The blonde tells the Stephanie. I feel fingers pulling it away and there above me I see that pretty face smiling down on me - the dark hair hanging a little messier and wetter than it was in the club. 'Hello.' She says in an incredibly cute, cheeky way of that of a satisfied woman.

'Hi,' I manage to get out as the blonde slams down onto my cock again. I look towards her and there I see her sexy legs bent at the knees as she squats down on me. She still has her heels on, just to make it that touch hotter! I can't see myself sliding in and out as the skirt is still there.

Stephanie sees where I'm looking and crawls over to the blonde. She grabs her by the head and kisses her deeply, then looks back at me. Her hand reaches down and rips the skirt off the bouncing babe, flings it across the room. I look. Another dick! A large cock bounds up and down. It's definitely larger than Stephanie’s, and rock hard. It hits me in the stomach above my belly button each time she lands. It's thick and heavy. It feels like being hit with a salami. Stephanie grabs it and strokes it while the blonde continues to pump. She looks at me with intense eyes. Her mouth open wide.

'Aaagh. Yes! Yes! I love your big cock in me!' I don't know how much more of this I can take. I hold on. I want her to finish first. I do my best to thrust upwards while being pinned to the floor. I look down and see my dick disappearing behind a bobbing ball sack. I look up and see her amazing boobs roll up and down and side to side.

'Oh yes, fuck me!' She stops bouncing and just leans back, her hands on my thighs. I thrust; hard, fast. Stephanie tugs and sucks and strokes her friend.

The blonde: 'Oh god, I'm cumming. I'm cumming!' Stephanie lets go and moves back. I keep fucking. Fingernails dig into my legs. I'm about to cum too. A jet of white spurts towards me. It just misses my face. Another - a thick, white wad - covers my chest. I feel her pussy contracting around me. I can't hold back. Fuck it, I'm going to cum inside! I thrust deep and hard. I let go. Her beast continues spitting on me. My cum spills out of her with each of my shuddering strokes, pours over the base of my dick and my balls and my arse. I look over and see Stephanie just sitting back enjoying the scenery, stroking her fat cock and rubbing her balls into her pussy. I'm still shooting, filling her up. It's so good I might pass out! The blonde falls forwards onto me, her thick throbbing sausage presses against me, against all of her juice. It's warm and wet and dripping down my sides, my neck, my legs.


1. The end.
2. Continue.
3. Suggestions?

To be continued at a later date...


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it. I'll have to continue this after the next couple of stories I've got lined up...

  2. Your story is very well-written, I love it! :)
    Can't wait to see the rest of it (so my vote also goes for 2).

    1. Yes, it seems something else is going to have to happen to this guy! Thank you :)

  3. 2 pls. Oh, how can I make a suggestion?

    1. To make a suggestion you can email me at I should probably put that information somewhere on the blog...

  4. I totally can't wait to see what happens next with this lucky bastard and these two perfect futas! Hope theres another pic...

    1. What would you like to see happen to this guy?

    2. One girl fucks his mouth and the other sneaks into his ass

    3. That could do nicely. Wait to see what I come up with :)

  5. I'm unsure if 2... or 2.... Or 2!!! You did a really amazing work with that, this was pretty realistic. I admit it turned me on. c: Keep it up and don't stop, pal. I appreciate your work, everyone else should. :D

  6. Mother of god this must continue *sigh* if only futas were real but keep up the great work