Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hard Choices, Part One

The following is the first part to a story that may or may not be to everyone's taste, but the person who requested it was a bisexual male so I just let my imagination run. I did give him the option of leaving... (Choices in bold)

I'm sweating. She's dripping. We're dancing like there really is no tomorrow. Her smell as I brush my face past her slippery, smooth neck is utterly intoxicating - whatever perfume she applied earlier in the night has combined with her own feminine chemicals and produced an odour that fragrance companies should tirelessly look into. She bends forward and her perfect round arse backs into my crotch again; rubs up and down to this horrendous dance beat that I am far too old to be enjoying!

She flicks her long, dark hair and looks back at me with her smoky eyes and sharp, almost menacing brows. I look down at a perfect figure eight contained in a sweat-stained silver dress and I'm sold - this is by far the hottest chick I have ever picked up (if, of course, I don't stuff anything up from here!) Actually, it’s one of the hottest girls I think I’ve ever seen in real life! I reach down and hold on to her flat stomach, pull her firm back up against my chest so I can inhale her again. I know I need to move this along before she gets bored and moves onto the next schmuck, so I brush my lips against her neck, hold them there, slightly open, breathe onto her smooth skin, wait for a reaction. She doesn't run; she doesn't pull away; she doesn't slap. She moves ever so slightly towards me and opens her neck - she's on. I take the cue and kiss, and kiss, and kiss - small but sensual pecks down her nape towards her mostly uncovered shoulder.

My hands become slightly more adventurous and I send one down south. It slides ever so easily down her waist where I allow it to brush past her mound and rest on the front of her fit thigh. Something hard presses against my thumb and I think for a second that it doesn't feel like her other leg. The moment of thought stops abruptly; her hand, as it turns out, enjoys a little adventure as well. I realise this as she takes a firm grasp of my already-hard dick through my pants.

1. Ask if she wants to leave.
2. See how far you can get in a club by sliding a finger into her.
3. Go off to meet back up with your friends.
4. Any other suggestions :)

She turns out to be quite adventurous indeed, as I feel my fly unravel and a nimble hand invade the entrance of my jeans. The fingers work their way beneath my underwear and she grips onto my stiff mini-me, feeling its thickness, then sliding back and forth to measure its length. She seems to approve, as with a quick turn she's facing me and fucking me with her eyes. I can't help but grab her by the back of the head and thrust my tongue deep inside her mouth. She returns the fire and we wrestle, trying to pin each other down. She's a biter. And a nibbler. And a teaser. I've never wanted to fuck as much as I do right now!

I grip onto her arse with both hands and pull her even closer to me. My cock (still in my pants, but not for much longer!) finds its way to the front of her dress, and rubs against the underside of her pussy as I suck her tongue and she thrusts her hips involuntarily. I'm no longer in control and don't give a crap about anyone else in the club. My hand moves up her gorgeously smooth legs towards her little gift, sliding the skimpy dress up with it. I feel her moan as my fingers reach her panties and her hard mound. SLAP! My hand is belted by hers, and recoils. I pull back and look at her with question. She pulls me back, close, whispers in my ear, 'not here,' before sticking her tongue into the canal. Shivers shoot from my toes to my nose.

'Let's go,' is all I say. She follows me, holding my hand as we bustle through the dancing mess - each person trying their hardest to get in the way of my sex.


In the taxi she won't let me near her pussy either, so I just kiss her and feel her amazing breasts through her clothes - they would have to be somewhere between C's and D's - any bigger on that athletic body would make me think they were fake, so they were perfect; absolutely to die for. I can't wait to see what they look like, what they taste and feel like.

We are in her house. She (I finally found out her name is Stephanie while we were in the taxi) is in the kitchen getting drinks for both of us and my balls are turning a dark shade of purple. She comes into the room with two glasses and I get to see her in a well-lit space. Flawless! Fit and curvaceous and tight and big-boobed with shapely, smooth, tanned legs. Shit! I'm almost a little shy! I accept the drink she hands me then she sits on the lounge across from mine. She takes a sip and looks me up and down with those beautiful brown gems. She says nothing. I wait because it seems like she's about to do or say something. The pause grows and I wonder if she's having second thoughts about this whole thing.

Finally she stands up. She walks over to me, leans down and whispers in my ear: 'Enter the second door on your left down the hall in exactly five minutes.' She smiles and walks out of the room, sneaking in a final seductive look before exiting. Yes! I'm still in!

1. Strip naked during the five minutes, ready to walk in prepared.
2. Just go straight to the room without waiting the five minutes.
3. Just sit and wait for five minutes, which seems like a freakin’ hour!
4. Other suggestions :)

Time has never moved so slowly. I finish my drink quite quickly and find myself sucking and chewing on the ice to pass the time. One minute left. I stand up and begin to pace a little. Should I get naked before I go in? I should at least take my shoes off, I suppose. Thirty seconds. Yeah, I'll take off my shoes. I undo the laces and place them near the front door. Ten seconds. I can start going now. I walk out of the lounge room into the corridor. I get to the second door on my left. I take a breath. I reach for the knob. I turn it and push the door open.

Whoa! What the fuck? In front of me is a completely empty room apart from the large steel table in the shape of an X in the middle of the room, and strapped to the table - completely naked except for a cloth draped over her mid-section - is my gorgeous date. She is wearing a blindfold. She would have heard the door as it opened, and my footsteps on the hard, tiled floor, but she doesn't make any movement or sound to acknowledge me; she just lies there, her amazingly perfect breasts exposed, her arms above her head - strapped down at the wrists - her shapely, smooth legs spread to form the bottom of the X - also strapped down at the ankles (how did she manage to tie herself to the table? Who gives a fuck?)

I stand there, slightly unsure but very aroused. It's pretty obvious that she's given herself to me on a silver platter, but I haven't been in this exact situation before. I suppose I should walk over and test the boundaries. I suppose she'll tell me to stop if she doesn't like something. I'm at her feet; her beautiful, slender feet with bright red toenails. My hand reaches out; settles on her shin - I wait for the reaction. Nothing. She doesn't move. Did I wait too long? Is she asleep? I don't think so - I don't think it's possible to go to sleep on that cold, metal bench. She wasn't that drunk.

I slide my hand along the top of her leg and walk down beside her, enjoying my prize. Not a hair or blemish in sight, and the most wonderful caramel brown tan you could imagine. The cloth is covering her pussy and stomach; I move past it; I'll leave it there and tease her a little. I walk towards her head. Her full lips are incredibly inviting so I bend down and kiss them. She finally moves, just to open her mouth slightly and return the playfulness with her tongue - nowhere near as passionate as she was in the club; in fact, quite perfunctory and soft. Is she not into this? Or is this all part of the game? I don't know, but whichever is the case my pants are about to rip open with my raging boner and I'm not going to stop here!

I move to her neck - kiss, suck, bite. Down past her protruding clavicle and impatiently towards those perky mountains. The nipples are rock-hard and blood-red. I take one into my mouth. Suck softly. Roll my tongue over and around it. I swear I almost hear a soft moan and feel a little movement in her chest. Haha! She can try to maintain her pose but I bet I can have her screaming by the end of this. I nibble with my teeth a little, suck hard, then move to the other heavenly melon. My hand grips it and squeezes while my tongue circles and weaves and flickers over the hard nub.

My tongue continues down this godess' body - her agonisingly smooth, soft stomach. I push my tongue into her button - she holds on well. I've made it to the cloth. I look down that a boner?! The cloth is standing up like a tent! I didn't notice that before! What the fuck! It must be a strap-on or something. She must have let it flick up while I was kissing her. I don't know what she expects me to do with it. This is one kinky bitch! Well, if she's lying there strapped to a table she can't really stop me from just taking it off and working that pussy. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

I slowly drag the fabric from her body. The side of her hip is, as I guess I would expect, just as perfect as the rest of her - toned, tight, feminine. The cloth travels up the large protrusion. It reaches the top. It falls.

IT'S REAL!! It's a bit, fat, hard dick! I step back. I look again, closer - yup, it's definitely not a strap-on - it's certainly attached to her. It's the same tanned colour as the rest of her, just with a large, reddish purple mushroom head. It must be eight or nine inches long, with a slight curve upwards towards her head. How can this be? There is no way this is a man! There’s no Adams apple; no sign of anything masculine!

1. Get the fuck out of there.
2. Do something nasty to her/him for tricking you, then get the fuck out of there.
3. Stay and examine her/him a little bit more to make sure it's real.
4. Just play with the rest of her/him and still get a load off.
5. Other suggestions?

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