Sunday, 6 May 2018

Elves Are Awesome, Part Three

The long-awaited third part to this 'choose your own adventure' story.


Algameth peers over the side of the root. The girls have been dragged almost all the way to the tree; and even from this distance she can see long trails of saliva glob out of the monster’s mouth as it anticipates its meal.

She’s no stranger to death. She deals with it regularly; hell, she creates the instruments that kill hundreds, if not thousands; and she’s dished it out herself frequently to men who cross her lines. But this isn’t right; these two girls are someone’s daughters. They’re too young to end like this. They have more suns to see.

A plan takes murky shape: Go for the weak parts. It’s rough, but it’ll have to do.

She starts by jogging several steps away from the drama, into the wood. She needs air, lots of it. With a small sniff she tests for the deathly fragrance. It’s clear. Good. Her mighty chest swells as she sucks in a huge lungful; and when she thinks she can’t take in any more, she forces several short gasps to fill the remaining pockets—a trick she uses when diving for fish.

With a cursory glance of her surroundings she can’t see any useful sticks or rocks, so decides her hands will have to do. The vines shouldn’t be too hard to break anyway, she thinks as she turns and plunges out into the field, into the blazing sunlight, which she wishes would go away so she wasn’t so conspicuous.

The tree doesn’t seem to have eyes anyway—it probably just feels its way around. Or maybe it’s so big that it can no longer move, and just spends its time waiting for food to stumble across its sprawling feet.

Alga sprints straight towards the girl closest to the tree: the one being dragged by purple hair. She reaches the body and grips one of the villainous vines with both hands. She pulls it sideways. It doesn’t budge from its course; not an inch.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Chel and Miguel - The Rod to El Dorassdo

Original by the awesome Cesium.

“But you and Tulio are gay, right?”

Miguel's jaw dropped. “WHAT?! No! No no no! Nononono! No! Why in the known world would you think that?”

“I heard you two in your room... the other night... making noises... that sort of sounded like you were playing a rough game of ball... without the ball...” Chel raised one eyebrow higher and higher with each remark, and with each remark Miguel looked dumber and dumber, with a gaping maw and his hands in the air, trying to capture her meaning.

“C’mon!” Chel finally screeched in disbelief. “Either you two were fucking like animals, or you were murdering each other; but you’re both still alive, and I can’t see any bruises or cuts on either of you!”

“Well, I have a bit of a limp,” Miguel feigned an injury with a step and a hop; “he got me a good one. We were merely sorting out a slight disagreement. You know how it is with friends—there’s always something that needs working out.”

“Working in, you mean.” Chel couldn’t contain a smirk, which spread wide across her smooth, plump cheeks.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Random Fuckery - Futa on Male

“Well, what do you wanna do then?” Her thick, ombré lips part for the vape, and she draws on it with a level of disdain and nonchalance in her eyes that makes me feel unwanted, unneeded, and unwelcome. Yet, this is who she is. I don’t think I’ve seen her smile once since we met. It’s not really her ‘thing’. And flashes of the night before—the passion; the fire; the raw vulnerability—remind me what’s hidden below her ‘fuck-you’ exterior.

I’m late for work, but all I can do is walk towards the hateful woman. I pull the vape from her lips and take a long draught of the terrible stuff, wondering if my wife will smell it on my skin later. But that’s the future. I lean down and grip her by her hair, pull her head back so I can see that velvet, young neck. I taste her. A moan slips.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” she whispers in my ear. “You’ll never have enough.”

She’s right. But I grip her painted leg, and decide another course won’t hurt, and I slide up to feel her cock hardening under those tiny silk shorts. This she can’t hide: it gives her away, time and time again; and I know she wants me just as bad, even if she’ll never say it.

I pull the smooth fabric to the side, revealing her fleshy beast. A dragon wraps around it from tip to base—her guardian, I suppose.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Elves Are Awesome, Part Two


Another shrill, otherworldly scream hits Alga’s ears. She shivers. Tiny bumps tingle their way up her arms and around the back of her neck. But then she hears another, more earthly cry: “Heeeelp.” It’s faint, and small relative to the other noise. It could be a young girl.

“Shit! Someone’s in trouble!”

With the slightest pang of guilt for thinking she’d rather have an orgasm than be a hero, she leaps out of the pool in one fluid motion and onto her refreshed legs. She takes off, sprinting through the woods in the direction of the screams.

Alga has always been a good runner: not once has she lost the annual race in her village -- even to the fastest men. Like a buck, her lithe, naked form flashes between the trees. She dodges branches and hurdles shrubs effortlessly; twisting, ducking, sliding. Her toes grip the earth and grass. Her red hair trails like blazing fire.

She clears a hedge of bracken, and then skids to a stop. The woods before her have suddenly given way to a vast clearing, and she decides it would be better to secretly investigate before rushing out to whatever doom awaits.

She sneaks up behind one of the last trees on the perimeter of the clearing: an ancient fig with roots sitting high above the ground. She jumps in behind one of these tall roots and peers over the edge.

"Fuck," she hisses.

Alga notices a hundred things at the same time, but the thing that stands out is the hulking tree sitting in the middle of the clearing. It has a mouth. And teeth. And it’s about to eat two kids!

She’s heard of these things before. Her mother warned her about going too far off the woodland paths, and to never, ever sleep under trees. She said there were monsters that had grown large and tree-like -- so much so that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference -- and that they’ve developed pollen that smells sweet, but once you breathe it in you go to sleep and never wake up.

The tree in the field is bigger than any around, and covered in pretty pink flowers. Its branches reach out majestically to the clear sky, and on any other day would make for a perfect painting. But close to the ground the trunk opens up to a huge, toothy gash, like a sideways mouth -- large enough to walk a horse into; and definitely large enough to devour the two small figures being dragged, inch-by-inch, by long, green vines, toward their death.

From this distance they look like girls. Alga can see delicate white skin, long hair, and dresses which are being torn and muddied; and they’re definitely small. One is being dragged by her ankles; the other by her hair -- which might be purple?

She swears she hears one of them wail, but it’s faint and discarded by the breeze. Neither of them are moving, so maybe it was a trick of the wind.

She watches as more vines creep from somewhere behind the tree. They slide like lazy snakes over the grass until they reach their victims, and then slither under the dresses, and around necks and limbs. Some of the vines are covered in flowers -- these hover over the figures and shake wildly, making sure they won’t wake up and try to escape.

"Fuck fuck fuck!" Alga hisses again. She knows this can only end badly. She can already smell the slight hint of sweetness wafting her way: like honey straight out of a hive. It’s utterly intoxicating.

Her head spins and she yawns. But she sucks in a deep breath and holds it, pinning her nostrils closed.

She looks back toward the tree, and sees the hideous mouth open wide, revealing several more rows of long, sharp teeth. A sickening scream erupts from the monster and drops Alga to her knees. She rests with her back against the root.

What do I do? What do I do?

You choose:

a) Run back to get an axe, or some weedkiller.   

b) These girls are fucked. I’m not risking my neck for them! Why are they out here all alone anyway?

c)  Attack the tree trunk with anything that’s lying around, and try to kill the beast.

d) Attack the vines, free the girls, and run like shit.

e) Any other options?


Monday, 14 November 2016

Elves Are Awesome, Part One

This is part one of a 'choose your own adventure' type story about elves and things. (Voting now closed for this part.)

Story may contain: lesbian stuff, futanari, threesomes, boobs, dicks, fantasy, etc.


Algameth drops her wagon and it lands with a clattering thud on the path.

"It's too fucking hot for this today!"

She glares at the sun to make sure it gets the point, but it continues beating down on her -- unaware it should be taking orders from a human.

Desperate to feel some air, she rips her top up over her head, spilling hefty, soot-stained breasts into the open. Beads of sweat drip from her neck and follow her curves, uncovering trails of brilliant, light-caramel brown skin. It almost seems too bright, too delicate, for this colossal smithy who towers over the men in her village (and could crush their heads with one of her callused mits if they dared mention her size).

Looking around at the surrounding woodland she remembers a few of these trees, and an especially round, black rock, and recalls that a stream lies nearby -- not far from the path. She stumbled upon it last time she was selling weapons in the area.

"Oh well" -- she takes a deep breath and sighs -- "probably time for a break anyway. They can wait for their damned swords!"

She tosses her top onto the pile of weapons, then squats between the struts of the wagon and lifts it. Her thighs bulge and ripple as she heaves it off the track and behind a wide tree. She then dusts her hands and strides through the woods.

It's there, just as Algameth remembered it: a crystal-blue rock pool. It's being filled by the daintiest of streams, but the water is deep. The rays of sun fortunate enough to make it through the canopy above are diving in straight, glistening lines through the liquid.

Alga had already kicked off her boots the moment she heard water, and now she discards her ragged trousers. She drags her sticky nickers over her hips and legs, and leaves them on the grass.

She launches. The SPLASH from her cannonball into the pool scatters any creatures within earshot; and after swimming down to the bottom to touch the sand, and then floating motionless while taking a deep draught, she erupts: refreshed, rejuvenated, horny.

Is it the feeling of cool water flowing over and between every surface of her sore body? Or maybe it's the image of the girl at the last village who was buying a shield for her father? Her ripe boobs were spilling so beautifully out of her tight dress.

"Get your head out of the gutter, Alga." She reprimands herself with a swift slap to the side of the head. She knows she's not supposed to be attracted to other females. But there's just something about their pretty faces and long hair, and all that smoothness, and their sweet, sweet smell...

Her body tingles. She sits back on a flat stone in the pool and her thighs part way for her large hands. Two fingers run their way over her mound, and she imagines the girl at the village. She imagines her curly, golden hair draped over those perfect melons; red nipples peek through the curtain, begging to be found. She imagines pressing her body down onto hers, maybe even kissing her.

"Mmmm, fuck it!" she groans, not caring about what anyone thinks. It's her damn body, she thinks; it's not like any man can take care of her needs anyway. None can fill her sacred cavern.

A thick finger parts her lips and slides inside, and Alga imagines the girl from the village is penetrating her with... something (she can't think of what a girl could use, but she's picturing something as large as her own digit; maybe even bigger). It grinds inside.

She leans back and squeezes her own breast. The blonde girl is above her, driving her hips into Alga. Her finger slides in and out. Her eyes close; she sees the big blue eyes staring down at her, devouring her.

A piercing scream shatters Alga's concentration. She jumps up and looks around, behind her. No, it wasn't that close; it was distant.

"What the fuck was that?"

It wasn't human, that's for sure. It sounded like something big, and it sounded like that 'something big' was celebrating.


a) Sit back down and finish your business. This pussy needs some relief. Then continue on your merry way to the next town.

b) Run to investigate. There's no time for clothes! - WINNER

c) Go back and get some clothes and a weapon, then go and see what the hell that thing was.

d) Popular option from suggestions in comments.


Friday, 21 October 2016

Your Choice!

I haven't done one of these for a while, but here it goes: my next story will be interactive!

But... this one will be a little different. Previously these stories have had just one person choosing what will happen to our sexy character; but for this one I'm going to put it to a vote. We're going to crowdsource the story until it comes to its (possibly gooey) end.

To start with, I'll put up a few options for story starters, and you can either vote on my Facebook page where I'll have a poll, or just leave a comment here with your choice and I'll add it to the tally - and whichever story has the most votes will be the one I'll begin writing.

Then, as the story progresses there will be more choices, and again the different options will be voted upon; and together we will make the music of the universe (or maybe get two or more people to make-a-the-love).

And so it begins.... (oh, and feel free to suggest different options to my proposed choices, and if the crowd likes it we'll go for it!)

And so it really begins.... (oh, and be warned: I have no idea what will end up coming out during these stories - but I do avoid certain gross things like scat, underage stuff, murder/gore, non-consent, and bestiality. But you can probably (definitely!) expect women with penises and that sort of thing.)



You are a female process analyst sent to investigate some unusual activity at one of your company's branches. You end up spending quite a long time with one of the accountants - a fit and feisty Asian woman who seems to be a little too friendly. Is she hiding something bigger than just cash fraud?


You are a college student and a future football star. When your coach insists that your grade in chemistry needs to go up or you'll be off the team, you begrudgingly start going to classes. But when you see the hot tutor you suddenly don't feel so bad. How will she help you focus on something so boring?


A large barbarian woman saves two elves from being eaten by a carnivorous plant. They are extremely appreciative; and may or may not be able to grant magical wishes...


Get voting HERE, or in the comments below!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Pic and Sample Chapter - Lucid Desire

Woohoo! My new illustration for Lucid Desire has arrived. This beautiful piece was commissioned by none other than the awesome Zombiepirate

To celebrate, I've put a huge excerpt of the story below (a whole damned chapter!), and dropped the price of the book down to 99c for those who would like to read the rest of this tale of sexual freedom and discovery. 


Artwork by the incomparable Zombiepirate

Tuesday, 12 July 2016